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Langenscheidts Großwörterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache : das neue einsprachige Wörterbuch für Deutschlernende [Langenscheidt's Big Dictionary of German as a Foreign Language : The New Unilingual Dictionary] ; [Completely rev. ed.] / edited by Dieter Götz ... in cooperation with the Langenscheidt editorial staff. - 2nd ed. - Berlin : Langenscheidt, 1994. - XXVI, 1182 p. ; 22 cm. - ISBN 3-468-49000-3 : DM 48.00

This work is intended as a dictionary for beginning learners of the German language as well as for persons fluent in the language. It enables the learner to systematically develop her/his vocabulary. This dictionary provides the user with special help in the areas of contemporary style, definitions, points on grammar and proper usage, pronunciation, and contemporary idioms. Terms relevant to the contemporary world, social diversity, and multiculturalism are hallmarks of this particular dictionary, which lends itself to students in German-speaking countries as well as to immigrants new to those countries. For any learner of German its attempt to reflect current usage in so many fields of professional and social endeavor will be appreciated. [wb/tk]

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