Der Literatur-Brockhaus [The Literary Brockhaus] / ed. by Werner Habicht, Wolf-Dieter Lange and the Brockhaus editorial staff. - Revised end enlarged pocket book edition. - Mannheim [etc.] : BI-Taschenbuchverlag, 1995. - Vol. 1-8 ; 19 cm. - ISBN 3-411-11800 : DM 98.00


Knaurs Lexikon der Weltliteratur [Knaur's Encyclopedia of World Literature] : Autoren, Werke, Sachbegriffe / Diether Krywalski. - complete paperback ed., updated and revised. - München : Droemer Knaur, 1995. - 1046 p. ; 19 cm. - (Knaur ; 77169.) - ISBN 3-426-77169-1 : DM 24.90


Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature - Springfield, Mass. : Merriam-Webster, 1995. - XII, 1236 p. ; 26 cm. - ISBN 0-87779-042-6 : $39.95

The new paperback edition of the Literatur-Brockhaus is not nearly as revised and enlarged as one might gather from the imprint. The number of articles remains unchanged from the previous edition: approximately 12,000 biographies, 3,000 topical articles and 200 national literatures. In fact, not enough changes have been made to recommend it as a replacement for the original 3-volume 1988 edition. (It has, however, become more affordable for students in its new manifestation, and is recommended for personal purchase over the next title.)

Knaurs Lexikon der Weltliteratur was first published in 1979 and is currently in its third edition. This one-volume paperback encyclopedia consciously targets high-school students and the general reader with a passing interest in literature. The two alphabetical sections cover 1) authors and anonymous works and 2) literary terms. The approximately 5,000 biographical articles vary greatly in length, but average about 10-15 lines. Neither these nor the topical entries contain bibliographical information.

Merriam Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature, produced through the cooperation of two highly respected American lexicographical publishers, Merriam Webster and Encyclopaedia Britannica contains a greater variety of articles than the previous two titles. Its 10,000 entries cover not only authors and literary terms like the others, but also individual works and literary figures. All epochs and all national literatures are taken into consideration; it is, in fact, a surprisingly international collection for an English-language publication. There are no bibliographical citations in the articles, and under the authors, only the best-known works are mentioned. Once again, a reference book for the general public. [sh/hh]


Deutsches Schriftstellerlexikon [Dictionary of German Writers] : 1830 - 1880 ; Goedekes Grundriss zur Geschichte der deutschen Dichtung: Fortführung / ed. by Herbert Jacob. With Marianne Jacob. [Under the auspices of the Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften]. - Berlin: Akademie-Verlag. - 25 cm

Vol. 1. A - B. - 1995. - 714 p. - ISBN 3-05-002120-9 : DM 248.00

After numerous false starts, at long last we have a continuation to Goedekes Grundriß zur Geschichte der deutschen Dichtung for coverage of nineteenth century German literature. In order to avoid overlap with the second edition of Goedeke, it includes only writers who were first published between 1830 and 1880, excluding all others, even if the body of their work falls within that period. In order the keep the project within manageable bounds, poetae minores are given only brief entries, including bibliographic references that cross-reference to standard bio-bibliographic sources. For the remaining writers, the entry includes a short biography and very extensive bibliographical data (listing also unpublished and lost works.) Brief references to journals can be augmented by using Alfred Estermann's new Inhaltsanalytischen Bibliographien deutscher Kulturzeitschriften des 19. Jahrhunderts: IBDK, allowing the user to draw on a system of synergistic relationships that is one of Jacob's (as this work should be called) great advantages. Jacob's will be the reference work for German writers of the nineteenth century. [hak/sl]


Das Werk Heinrich Bölls [The Works of Heinrich Böll] : Bibliographie mit Studien zum Frühwerk / Werner Bellmann (ed.). - Opladen : Westdeutscher Verlag, 1995. - 292 p. ; 23 cm. - ISBN 3-531-12694-6 : DM 48.00

Appearing just in time for the tenth anniversary of his death, the Bergische University in Wuppertal has put out this personal bibliography of Heinrich Böll, which also includes six essays on the author and his work. It is divided into five sections by type of publication: 1. belles lettres; 2. published letters from and to Böll (alphabetically by exchange partner); 3. interviews and conversations in print (in chronological order); 4. works edited by Böll; 5. translations by Annemarie and Heinrich Böll. The entries are well annotated. The bibliography has an index of names, of variant titles, and two separate indexes of titles, one for prose/drama/poetry and one for essays/speeches, etc. Unfortunately, the initial articles in titles have been retained as a sorting element. But no bibliography can be completely without error, and overall, this is a fine, carefully researched example of this type of bibliography, and will be much appreciated by Böll scholars. [hak/hh]


Late Victorian Poetry 1880-1899 : an annotated bibliography / Catherine W. Reilly. - London ; New York : Mansell, 1994. - XXI, 577 p. ; 24 cm. - ISBN 0-7201- 2001-2 : £ 70.00

Though the twenty-year time period covered in this bio- bibliography seems short, Ms Reilly's thorough work opens up a world of about 3,000 Victorian poets beyond the few that are still read today. The poems published between 1880 and 1899 are listed under the authors, for whom, where possible, biographical data are also provided. The title index refers the user to the number of the author entry, not to a page number, which, because of the many similar-sounding titles, is a real advantage here. This effort is laudable, in an area for which not many reference works exist. [rni/hh]


Black African Literature in English ... / Bernth Lindfors. - London ; Munich [etc.] : Zell. - 24 cm

1987/91 (1995). - XXXV, 682 p. - (Bibliographical research in African literatures ; 3) - ISBN 1-873836-16-3 : £ 75.00, DM 188.00 (K.G. Saur, München)

The latest volume of Lindfors' standard bibliography on the English-language literature of Africa lists 8771 titles for the five-year period (as compared to 6,000 for 1982-86). Like its predecessors, this volume is divided into two parts, listing titles 1) by topics and literary genres and 2) by authors. Titles are often briefly annotated. Indexes of 1) authors; 2) titles (monographs); 3) key words; 4) place names. An important special subject bibliography in an often overlooked area of English literature. [sh/hh]


Portuguese Literature From Its Origins To 1990 : a bibliography based on the collections of Indiana University / comp. by Hugo Kunoff. - Metuchen, NJ ; London : Scarecrow Press, 1994. - IX, 497 p. ; 23 cm. - ISBN 0- 8108-2844-8 : $49.50

Not much exists in the area of Portuguese bibliography, so that this 8,000 title catalog of the Portuguese literature collection of Indiana University is a welcome addition. In Library of Congress Classification order, its main chapters are: Bibliography; History and Criticism; Collections; Individual authors (subdivided by era); Provincial, local, colonial; and Serials. Over 400 pages are devoted to its greatest strength, the individual authors. The complete lack of indexes is unfortunate; even with the clear subject categories, it would have been nice to have additional access points under the names of authors of the scholarly literature, editors, translators, or even titles. Of course, journal articles aren't included in a library catalog, nor are annotations. The book is recommended for academic libraries, and will prove especially helpful to those attempting to build a Portuguese collection. [mk/hh]

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