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Gemädlde in deutschen Museen : Katalog der ausgestellten und depotgelagerten Werke = Paintings in German museums / Hans F. Schweers. - 2nd, updated, substantially enlarged and revised ed. - . München [etc.] : Saur, 1994. - 1 - 10 ; 25 cm. - ISBN 3-598-10927-X : DM 3960.00

Part 1, Künstler und ihre Werke [Artists and their Works]. - (Vols. 1 - 4) Part 2, Ikonographisches Verzeichnis. [Iconographic Index] - (Vols. 5 - 7) Part 3, Verzeichnis der Museen mit ihren Bildern. [Index of Musems with their Paintings] - (Vols. 8 - 10)

More than ten years have elapsed since the first publication of Schweers's work of the same title (1982), but the earlier edition pales next to the richness of the current work. The new ten-volume edition lists the artists and their works (in volumes 1-4), offers a three-volume iconographic compendium to the works included, and concludes in volumes 8-10 with an alptabetical listing of the museums with their holdings. It includes approximately 110,000 paintings (among them works in what was formerly the German Democratic Republic) by ca. 18,000 painters. There are no illustrations, and the texts and the summaries are in both German and English. This new edition includes art works held in storage, a unique and valuable feature absent from the earlier edition. Despite some deficiencies and inconsistencies, this work, aiming as it does at presenting a complete compendium of paintings in German museums, will take its place among the most useful art reference works. [ak/tk]

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