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Das Buch vom Buch: 5000 Jahre Buchgeschichte [The Book of the Book: A 5000- Year History of the Book]. Marion Janzin and Joachim Güntner. New ed. Hannover: Schlütersche Verlagsanstalt, 1995. 495 p. 33 cm. Earlier ed. by Helmut Presser. ISBN 3-87706-026-9: DM 158.00

This is, in fact, an entirely new book rather than a new edition. The number and quality of the numerous illustrations make it an attractive coffee-table book, but the text has serious drawbacks. Authors are quoted extensively without formal acknowledgment. There are typographical errors and errors of fact, and frequent discrepancies between text, picture and caption. The index is full of mistakes: names spelled wrong, entries misplaced or lacking altogether. One should wait to acquire this book until a thoroughly revised second edition is issued. [hm/mrh]


Veröffentlichungen des Bonifatius-Verlages 1869-1994 [Publications of the Bonifatius Verlag 1869-1994]. Hans-Walter Stork and Alfons Wittmann. Paderborn: Bonifatius, 1994. xiii, 442 p. 28 cm. (Katalog[e] der Universitätsbibliothek Eichstätt, [9]; Verlagsarchive, 2). ISBN 3-87088-847-4 (hbk.); ISBN 3- 87088-846-6 (pbk.): DM 25.00

This catalog of the Bonifatius-Verlag, a major Catholic publishing house founded over 125 years ago, describes 2273 titles. Half of these are in the firm's archives, now housed in the Eichstätt University library as the rest were destroyed during the war). Arrangement is by author or, if there is no author or if the publication is a numbered series, by title. The only index is by year of publication; a subject index would be highly desirable, as would a much more extensive description of the publisher and its program than is given in the rather scanty introduction. [sh/mrh]


Gesamtverzeichnis [Max-Niemeyer- Verlag. Complete List of Publications]. Comp. Karin Wenzel. Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1995. 212 p. 24 cm


Beiträge zur Methodengeschichte der neueren Philologien: zum 125jährigen Bestehen des Max-Niemeyer- Verlages [Contributions to a Methodological History of Modern Language Studies: On the 125th Anniversary of the Max Niemeyer Verlag]. Ed. by Robert Harsch-Niemeyer. Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1995. xii, 266 p. ill. 24 cm. ISBN 3-484-60165-5: DM 38.00

The complete list of Niemeyer publications, issued on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of this very important scholarly publisher, replaces the Verlagskatalog published in 1970, and includes 2900 titles still in print as well as approximately 325 out-of-print titles. (Niemeyer has issued an annual catalog since 1950 which lists available publications only.) It has three main sections: individual titles, series titles followed by a numerical list, and periodicals, as well as two indexes: author/editor and title.

The second publication, issued at the same time, is not exactly a Festschrift for the publisher, but nonetheless serves the same function. After a brief historical survey, a number of authors closely associated with Niemeyer provide their assessments of the publisher's importance to their fields of study. A chronology of the publisher's activities follows.

Both publications together provide a useful description of one of the leading humanities publishers in Germany. [sh/mrh]

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