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International Directory of African Studies Research = Répertoire international des études africaines. Ed. International African Institute. Comp. Philip Baker. 3d fully rev. and expanded ed. London; Munich: Zell, 1994. xxiii, 319 p. 24 cm. ISBN 1-873836-36-8: £95.00, DM 298.00 (K. G. Saur, München)

The first and second editions of this guide appeared in 1975 and 1987 respectively under the title International Guide to African Studies Research. The third edition, with its 1815 entries, is larger than the previous edition by some 676 entries, even though 200 institutions were dropped. The entries are based on a survey, which is why the entries vary, often considerably, in the depth of information they provide. Institutions that did not reply are briefly described on the basis of secondary sources. Organizations covered include research institutes and university programs dedicated specifically to African studies, as well as research centers and university departments that include African studies as part of a more broadly defined research effort. Numerous museums with strong collections of African objects are also included. There are four indexes: countries and regions; international organizations and other organizations with offices in several countries; serial publications; personal names. This directory gives a good overview of institutions involved in research on Africa, especially for those co untries not covered by their own directories. And for those that are, the Zell work is a useful supplement.[sh/ajs]


Contemporary African Politics and Development: A Comprehensive Bibliography, 1981-1990. Ed. Vijitha Mahadevan. Boulder, Colo.; London: Rienner, 1994. xvi, 1314 p. 29 cm. ISBN 1-55587-334-0: $160.00, £128.00

The word "comprehensive" in the subtitle accurately represents the inclusive scope of this bibliography. It contains citations to some 16,448 monographs, academic journal articles and essays. It continues A Bibliography for the Study of African Politics (whose three volumes listed 13,640 titles published through 1981), with which it shares a focus on the holdings of U.S. libraries with strong African studies collections. It contains -- quite reasonably -- primarily English and French titles in the areas of political, economic and social development. In addition to the fifty-three chapters for each of the countries in Africa (excluding Egypt) and the islands associated with the continent, there are chapters covering regions in Africa and Africa itself. Subarrangement is alphabetical by keyword. Entries are annotated with subject terms, and titles from the years 1986-1990 are further enhanced by brief abstracts. An appendix lists the 130 indexed periodicals. Indexes are by author and subject. [sh/ajs]


Afrika zwischen Strukturanpassung und Transformation: wirtschaftliche Maßnahmen und soziale Folgen in Afrika südlich der Sahara: eine Auswahlbibliographie (1990-1994) = Africa Between Structural Adjustment and Transformation: [Economic Measures and Social Consequences in Africa South of the Sahara: A Selected Bibliography (1990-1994)] = L'Afrique entre ajustement structurel et transformation. Christine Farwer. Hamburg: Deutsches Übersee-Institut, 1994. xix, 195 p. 30 cm. (Dokumentationsdienst Afrika; Reihe A , 29) ISBN 3-922852-60-2: DM 32.00. (Deutsches Übersee-Institut, Übersee-Dokumentation, Neuer Jungfernstieg 21, D-20354 Hamburg)

The bibliography from the Deutsches Übersee-Institut focuses on economic issues, especially the structural adjustments required of sub-Saharan countries to reestablish their debt payments. Its coverage begins where Contemporary African Politics and Development (above) ends, although with merely 821 citations it cannot otherwise compete. Each entry includes information about holdings in Germany. The annotations are considerably longer than those in Contemporary African Politics and Development, but they are not necessarily more informative. There are five indexes: author; corporate author; subject; corporate bodies and programs; and journals indexed. [sh/ajs]


Ostafrika-Bibliographie: Kenia, Tansania, Uganda, 1945-1993 [East Africa Bibliography: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, 1945-1993]. Ed. Hans Hecklau. München [et al.]: Saur, 1996. xvi, 278 p. 22 cm. (Bibliographien zur regionalen Geographie und Landeskunde, 9) ISBN 3-598-21140-6: DM 168.00.

This bibliography, which appears in the rather inactive series Bibliographien zur regionalen Geographie und Landeskunde, lists 4,963 monographs and essays. Unannotated, they are arranged into seven chapters: four cover East Africa and three the countries listed in the subtitle. Burundi and Rwanda, though normally considered a part of East Africa, are excluded from this volume. The titles are extracted from standard serial bibliographies on geography covering the period 1945-1993, supplemented with additional materials found in libraries in the three countries. Agricultural geography is especially well represented, due to the research interests of the compiler. Bibliographic descriptions are overly abbreviated. Indexes of geographical and personal names are included. A subject index would have been useful. [sh/ajs]

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