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  • World Guide to Logotypes, Emblems, and Trademarks of International Organizations. Published for the Union of International Associations. München: Saur. 30 cm. (UAI publication, 337) ISBN 3-598-11345-5: DM 780.00

    Vol. 1. A-O. 1997. xi, 359 p.
    Vol. 2. P-Z. 1997. xii, 359 p.
    Vol. 3. Indexes, Abbreviations, Statistics. 1997. xii, 380 p.

  • The Union of International Associations (UIA) is offering this index to logos, emblems, and trademarks of 4301 international organizations as a complement to its Yearbook of International Organizations. There is no claim to completeness, of course, as this volume consists mainly of documents available at the UIA that bear graphic components. The images are arranged six to a page, and information for each includes: a running reference number, the official name of the organization, alternate name forms, notes on use of the logo by other international organizations, a description of the color scheme (since the reproductions themselves are in black-and-white), motto texts, an Internet address if a home page is the source, and the number of the organization in the UIA's database. Volume 3 contains indexes (1) by name of the organization (with alternate foreign-language name forms and acronyms), (2) by subject content (broader terms such as "mammals" down to more specific terms such as "birds" or "shellfish"), (3) by geometric form (circle, octagon, etc.), (4) by 250 mottos and slogans (listing only the organization but, oddly, not giving the reference number), (5) by 123 logos taken off the Internet. This is a unique compilation, but for designers it won't be of much help due to the modest quality of the reproductions, and for libraries there may be no compelling reasons to acquire such an expensive set. [sh/rdh]

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