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Manuale del libro antico: guida allo studio e alla catalogazione [Handbook of the Old Book: Guide to its Study and Cataloging] Giuseppina Zappella. Milano: Editrice Bibliografica, 1996. xi, 1265 p. ill. 25 cm. ISBN 88-7075-431-6: Lit. 180,000

This is an extended treatise on the physical aspects of older books by a prominent Italian expert on the subject. The "analytical and critical bibliography" of the English-speaking world is often her point of departure as well as a target of criticism. Almost 900 pages are devoted to a single chapter, "Typology of formats," consisting largely of diagrams of various ways of folding sheets, placements of watermarks, etc. This chapter would be better as a separate publication; as it is, its presence makes the work as a whole seem hard to digest. The final chapter is a highly critical examination of the various codes for rare-book cataloging. That these codes (and the catalogs that result) fail to satisfy the expectations of bibliophiles such as Zappella is, however, already well known, as is the sheer impracticality of addressing those expectations. [sh/gw]

97-1/2-234 through 97-1/2-251 inclusive

An Overview of Recent Reference Literature on Comics


Comic, Cartoon, Illustration, Trickfilm: das ICOM-Handbuch [Comic, Cartoon, Illustration, Animation: The ICOM Directory]. Ed. Burkhard Ihme und Christof Ruoss. Ebersbach/Fils: ICOM-Verlag für Comicfachliteratur. 21 cm. (ICOM Independent Comic Shop, Klaus Jesinger, Stegwiesenstr. 11, D-73061 Ebersbach/Fils)

1995 ed. 208 p. DM 35.00


Répertoire professionnel de la bande dessinée francophone: France, Belgique, Suisse ; éditeurs albums, presse et produits dérivés, diffuseurs, agences, associations, festivals, fanzines, scénographes, galéries, librairies, musées, bédéthèques, écoles, institutions, spécialistes, services minitels [Professional Directory of French-language Comics: France, Belgium, Switzerland; Publishers, Albums, Printing and Assorted Licensed Products, Distributors, Agencies, Associations, Festivals, Fanzines, Plot Writers, Galleries, Libraries, Museums, "Comicthèques," Schools, Institutions, Specialists, Minitel Services]. Ed. Catherine Ternaux. Manuscrit arrêté au 15 décembre 1995. Angoulême: Centre National de la Bande Dessinée et de l'Image. 24 cm. (Centre ..., 121, rue de Bordeaux, F-16000 Angoulême)

1996/97 ed. (1996). 166 p. ill. ISBN 2-907848-06-2: FF 159.00

The ICOM-Handbuch serves both as a membership directory for and guide to ICOM, a German association for professionals (artists and writers) in the comic industry, and as a directory and information guide to the comics and animation industry in Germany. A 31-page update was issued in May 1996. Although its primary audience is the ICOM membership, this volume would also be useful for anyone interested in the comics scene.

The Répertoire professionnel de la bande dessinée francophone serves as a directory for the French language comics industry, with its main focus on France and Belgium. Especially noteworthy are the sections on magazines (including fanzines), publishers, museums, libraries with noteworthy comics collections, and a Who’s Who of critics, researchers, and specialists. [sh/ldb]


Bandes décidées: sélection critique de bandes dessinées parues entre ... et ... et acquises par les bibliothèques pour adultes [Selected Comics: Critical Selection of Comics Published Between . . . and . . . and Purchased By Adult Libraries]. Selected by the Comics Reading Committee of the Paris city libraries (Comité de Lecture Bandes Dessinées des Bibliothèques de la Ville de Paris). Agnès Deyzieux. Paris: Agence Culturelle de Paris. 21 cm.

1st ed. 1993/95 (1996). 86 p. ISBN 2-906869-90-2: FF 40.00

2d ed. 1995/96 (1997). 86 p. ill. ISBN 2-84331-007-5 (incorrect): FF 40.00

Anyone familiar with the French book trade is aware of the large numbers of comic books published in France and Belgium. They are also a staple in French public libraries. This new endeavor documents the adult comic books acquired by the Paris Public Library between 1993 and 1995, and could well serve as a collection-building guide for other libraries. The bibliography, which is to be published yearly, covers both primary and secondary literature. The brief annotations for individual comic books and monographs of criticism are descriptive rather than critical and contain extensive bibliographic information. Both sections, comic book and criticism, are indexed by author and keyword. Since this guide focuses exclusively on French language comics, it is most useful for libraries in France and specialists in the field. [sh/ldb]


Dictionnaire mondial de la bande dessinée [World Encyclopedia of Comics]. Patrick Gaumer and Claude Moliterni. Paris: Larousse, 1994. 682 p. ill. 29 cm. ISBN 2-03-523510-3: FF 315.00

This international encyclopedia of comics contains nearly 8,000 relatively comprehensive entries about cartoon characters, their creators, and comic books and series. Although the title claims to be international, the emphasis on France and Belgium is obvious. Lacking in this volume are a comprehensive bibliography and individual articles summarizing the comics culture in the separate countries. Though 20 years younger, it still cannot replace The World Encyclopedia of Comics (ed. Maurice Horn. New York: Chelsea House, 1976). [sh/ldb]


Allgemeiner deutscher Comic-Preiskatalog [General German Comic Price Catalog]. Ed. Norbert Hethke und Peter Skodzik. Schönau: Hethke. 21 cm

22d ed. 1997 (1996). 639 p. ill. ISBN 3-89207-788-6: DM 34.80


Allgemeiner deutscher Comic-Preiskatalog. Spezialausgabe [General German Comic Price Catalog. Special Edition]. Norbert Hethke and Peter Skodzik. Schönau: Hethke. 21 cm

1997 ed. 223 p. ill. ISBN 3-89207-772-X: DM 34.80


Krägermanns Comic-Katalog [Krägermann’s Comic Catalog]. Berlin: Krägermann. 22 cm. (Krägermann-Verlag, Putenweg 92, 12355 Berlin)

1st ed. 1997/98 (1996). 639 p. ISBN 3-9804970-1-1: DM 34.80


Trésors de la bande dessinée: BDM [Comic Treasures]. Michel Béra, Michel Denni and Philippe Mellot. Paris: Editions de l'Amateur. 23 cm.

  • 1997/98 ed. (1996). 767 p. ill. ISBN 2-85917-222-X: FF 275.00
  • These leading German and French price lists for dealers and collectors of old comics provide guides for the trade. The well-established Allgemeiner deutscher Comic-Preiskatalog, published annually (its predecessors were Comic-Heft-Katalog from 1976 to 1980 and Comic-Preiskatalog from 1978 to 1984), takes the practical approach of including in one alphabetical list all series, albums and individual titles, with their dates of publication, publisher, format, illustrators/authors, and the number of issues, as well as a three-tiered range of prices (depending on the condition of the pieces). German comics of the post-war period make up the bulk of the publication, although there is an addendum devoted to pre-war comics, as well as a brief section on secondary literature and club articles. The irregularly published "special edition" (Spezialausgabe) of this title made its first appearance in 1997, and covered the most recent price changes resulting from an increase in auction sales. Additional special catalogs for specific comics genres are planned.

    Competition appeared in 1996 in the form of Krägermanns Comic-Katalog, offering not only "new" prices, but also a different format and more substantive information. Ten topical chapters are interspersed -- at the cost of clarity -- with articles and "special pages" (for instance on early translations of Asterix into German). An index aids in finding titles, making this publication almost as easy to use as its rival, and the additional information it offers may make it preferable for use by libraries. The Comic-Katalog is to be published every two years. One suggestion for improvement for future issues would be the addition of a directory of publishers and institutions.

    Trésors de la bande dessinée, the leading price list for francophone countries, differs from its German counterparts in its higher cost as well as its spartan presentation, with far fewer illustrations, none of them in color. Unlike the German publications, it is not limited to the post-war period, as a greater number of comics have appeared in France since the turn of the century than in Germany. The longest chapter, on Albums, is arranged by title, and gives information similar to that in the German publications. Numerous other sections cover such topics as small format comic book series and periodicals dealing with comics. Useful addenda are a list of addresses (publishers, organizations, dealers) and an extensive bibliography of almost exclusively French secondary literature. [sh/nb]


    Illustrierte deutsche Comic-Geschichte: Enzyklopädie in Wort und Bild [Illustrated History of German Comics: An Encyclopedia in Word and Picture]. Ed. Siegmar Wansel. Köln: Comic-Zeit-Verlag. 31 cm.

    Vol. 15. Der Ehapa-Verlag [Ehapa Publishing Co.]. 1994. x, 109 p. ill. ISBN 3-926022-14-0: DM 78.00

    Vol. 16. Der Ehapa-Verlag [Ehapa Publishing Co.]. 1994. x p., p. 110-217 ill. ISBN 3-926022-15-9: DM 78.00

    Vol. 17. Der Ehapa-Verlag [Ehapa Publishing Co.]. 1996. iv p., p. 218-334 ill. ISBN 3-926022-16-7: DM 78.00

    The admirable Illustrierte deutsche Comic-Geschichte has chronicled three publishers to date: Walter Lehning in volumes 1–11 (1986–89); Mondial in volumes 12–13 (1990); and Aller in volume 14 (1992). The three most recent volumes cover the Stuttgart publishing company Ehapa, including its history and origins in Denmark and a bibliography of its series, among them Micky Mouse and Superman. Extensive bibliographical data for each series include title and title changes; format; manner and first date of publication; price; size; origin; and special features of the German edition. The contents of individual issues are given, along with the volume number, pages, source, and illustrator, accompanied by colored illustrations. An index includes "all illustrators, design studios and firms, along with further important persons," but not a list of individual comic figures. [sh/nb]

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