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Fischer-Handbuch Theater, Film, Funk und Fernsehen [Fischer Guide to Theater, Film, Radio and Television]. Jürgen Kirschner. Frankfurt am Main: Fischer-Taschenbuch-Verlag, 1997. 325 p. 19 cm. (Fischer- Taschenbücher, 10995, Fischer-Informationshandbücher) ISBN 3-596-10995-7: DM 29.90

It is tempting to praise this newest volume in the series Fischer- Informationshandbücher without reservation. After all, it replaces two completely obsolete (but still much-used) German directories: Wie finde ich film- und theaterwissenschaftliche Literatur? (1988) and Handbuch der Medieninstitute (not updated since 1975). It lists and comments on 400 introductory works and handbooks, 300 dictionaries, 400 bibliographies and review journals (1,200 bibliographical entries in all), and over 300 performing arts institutions, selected a bit arbitrarily from the whole complex of what we call media. The directory is limited to the German-speaking countries, but the bibliography also includes titles in English and French. The emphasis is on general and scholarly information.

The bibliographic entries are in the citation style of library catalogs, which, in the case of journal titles, is not the best choice. Works from the 1970s to the early 1990s predominate. The institutional entries are based on information provided through questionnaires sent out in 1993-94. Opening hours and e-mail or WWW addresses are not provided. The organization of the bibliography follows that of one of its predecessors in the series, Informationshandbuch deutsche Literaturwissenschaft, by Hansjürgen Blinn (3d ed. 1994, see RREA 1:252--also RREO 95-1-077); the organization of the directory section follows its own criteria, which are not wholly convincing. The conception of the work and selection criteria are explained in the introduction. The scope and execution of the concept are not entirely successful; perhaps the work should be divided into two separate volumes, one on theater and film and the other on radio and television. The compilation of bibliographic data and addresses is incomplete. Revision and expansion would be welcome. [wu/gh]


Literatur zur deutschsprachigen Presse: eine Bibliographie; von den Anfängen bis 1970 [Literature on the German-Language Press: A Bibliography; From the Beginning to 1970]. Gert Hagelweide. München [et al.]: Saur. 31 cm. (Dortmunder Beiträge zur Zeitungsforschung, 35) ISBN 3-598-21284-4

Vol. 8. 80620-89198: Deutschsprachige Länder, Teil 2, Liechtenstein, Österreich, Schweiz: Pressegeschichte der Länder, Lokale Pressegeschichte [German-Speaking Countries, Part 2, Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland: National Press History, Local Press History]. 1997. xix, 321 p. ISBN 3-598- 21306-9: DM 348.00

Following volumes 1-4 (1985-1993) which treated only major cross-regional newspapers and magazines throughout Germany, volumes 5-7 (1995-1996, see RREA 1:155/156 and 2:71--also RREO 95-2-210 and RREO 96-2/3-180, respectively) included the history of regional and local German papers. The current volume 8 (1997) covers the history of the German- language press in Liechtenstein, Austria, and Switzerland, and the forthcoming volume 9 will include German-language papers published in non-German speaking countries. Volumes 10-12 will focus on biographies of individuals in journalism. Volume 13 will focus on the law of the press and advertising, and the remaining volumes will consist of indexes to the earlier volumes. If publication of the future volumes of this monumental work continues apace, we should see completion of the project early in the next century.

Volume 8 reflects the same basic structure as the previous volumes covering Germany: under each of the countries, subsections offer a general overview followed by regional (states and cantons) and local press history (alphabetical by name of town). There are 11 entries for Liechtenstein 11, 3,604 for Austria, and 4,964 for Switzerland. In Switzerland, even the non-German speaking cantons are represented, but only with their German-language publications. The entire bibliographical project does not claim to be completely exhaustive in its coverage of German-language newspapers worldwide, but it certainly offers a rich selection of papers derived from an historical-critical perspective. The work represents an indispensable tool for research in this specialized area. [sh/tk]

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