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Metzler-Kabarett-Lexikon [Metzler Cabaret Lexicon]. Klaus Budzinski and Reinhard Hippen with the Deutsches Kabarettarchiv. Stuttgart; Weimar: Metzler, 1996. x, 494 p. ill. 24 cm. ISBN 3-476-01448-7: DM 78.00

The scope of this encyclopedia is limited to German-language cabaret, although it extends to important artistic influences and themes from French cabaret, such as the Chat noir of Paris. In addition to definitions of cabaret terms such as "Ausdruckstanz," "conférencier," "couplet" (among many others), the work offers entries for institutions and cabaret groups. Entries for individual cabarets describe their history and specific style. Illustrations are thoughtfully chosen, showing characteristic and important scenes. The bulk of the work, however, is dedicated to individual cabaret performers. Richly illustrated, entries include place and date of birth and death, short biographies, and introductory bibliographies. The extensiveness of the scope is suggested by the index, which lists 3,500 personal names. Most articles include bibliographies, and an appendix lists places of performance. This work, whose second author heads the Stiftung Deutsches Kabarettarchiv (German Cabaret Archive Foundation), documents the hundred-year history of literary satirical cabaret-the most ephemeral of dramatic forms-for the first time. [hak/sbd]

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