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Deutsche Nationalbibliographie: Musik [German National Bibliography: Music]. Frankfurt am Main: Buchhändler-Vereinigung

March 1997 issue. 1 CD-ROM. ISBN 3-7657-2028-3: DM 980.00 (3 issues per year)

Begun in 1994 in two segments--"DMA" for scores and recordings and "DML" for publications about music--the CD-ROM version of the German National Bibliography for music now includes a retrospective section for the DMA covering the years 1976 to 1983, as well as the cataloging information for the selection of 78 rpm recordings from the Deutsches Musikarchiv in Berlin (DMH). Since 1996, three updates have been issued per year--one more than previously--while the price has been cut by more than half, to 980.00 DM.

DMA (current and retrospective) and DML together now contain data for approximately 370,000 entries (the ratio of recordings to scores is roughly 2:1), as well as authority data for names, titles, series, and publishers. The indexing does not seem to be altogether reliable. The interface offers the option of German or English.

DML includes 17,500 titles taken from Sections A, B, G, and H of the German National Bibliography from 1983 onwards. The menu is available in English, French, or German.

DMH provides information on 125,000 sound recordings pressed between 1896 and 1956, including the first two (but only the first two) volumes of the published "label catalog" of the Deutsches Musikarchiv. The strength of this database is its coverage of German recordings from the 1920s and 1930s, including non- musical recordings (speech, animals), though it is inevitably incomplete. There could be greater consistency in authority control. The interface for this section is only in German.

DMB is the electronic version of the Bonner Katalog (see next entry), listing 41,000 musical scores available for rental, representing the work of ca. 5,200 composers and 177 German publishers. In addition to the bibliographic data, the entries provide performance-related information (duration, performers). The menu is offered in English and German.

Supposedly, the DMH and DMB will be made available as two separate databases.

When all is said and done, the DNB-Musik represents a clear step forward. Now, in addition to digitizing its older catalogues, the Deutsche Bibliothek should integrate its special catalogs and published bibliographies of scores and writing on music into this same resource. [mr/sl]


Bonner Katalog: Verzeichnis reversgebundener musikalischer Aufführungsmateriale [Bonn Catalog: Index of Scores Available for Rental]. Publ. for the Deutsches Musikarchiv of the Deutsche Bibliothek. München: Saur. 30 cm

3d ed. (1997). xvii, 618 p. ISBN 3-598-11356-0: DM 298.00; ISBN 3- 598-40383-6 (book with CD-ROM): DM 498.00

As section DMB of DNB-Musik (see previous entry), the Bonner Katalog, providing the information necessary for performing groups wanting to rent musical scores, continues to be published in print form as well as in this CD-ROM format. The entries--listed in alphabetical order by composer--are provided by the Association of German Music Publishers. The publisher listings, which are not available on DNB-Musik, vary in the degree of detail provided, from complete address information to a perfunctory name/city statement. [mr/sl]


Orgeldatenbank Bayern [Bavarian Organ Database]. M. Bernhard for the Gesellschaft für Bayerische Musikgeschichte. Version 2. München: Gesellschaft für Bayerische Musikgeschichte, 1997. 2 diskettes. DM 148.00, DM 98.00 (for members), free of charge for purchasers of Version 1. (Gesellschaft für Bayerische Musikgeschichte, Postfach 100611, D-80080 München)

The result of a project initiated by the Bavarian Ministry of Culture in 1980 to inventory the organs of Bavaria, this database consists of three sections: (1) a database of 27,000 organs (the numbering includes repairs and restorations) listed alphabetically by location, with the name of the builder, the number of manuals and registers, etc., (2) a bibliography of 1,600 titles (for which abstracts have been announced for future versions), searchable by author and keyword, and (3) short biographies of over 800 organ builders, a section that is browsable but not searchable.

In spite of its deficiencies--the entire product seems quite unfinished, and the editors solicit addenda and corrigenda--this is a very important resource in the field of organ research. [mr/sl]


Pubblicazioni discografiche: lista delle pubblicazioni discografiche commerciali inviate alla Fonoteca Nazionale Svizzera nel ... per la loro archiviazione = Tonträgerverzeichnis: veröffentlichte Tonträger, die ... der Schweizerischen Landesphonothek zur Archivierung übergeben wurden = Phonogrammes [Discography: List of Commercial Sound Recordings Made Available for Archiving to the Swiss National Sound Recording Library]. Lugano: Fonoteca Nazionale Svizzera. 30 cm. (Schweizerische Landesphonothek, Via Foce 1, CH-6906 Lugano, fax [41 91] 972 61 69)

1996- . (1997). 48 p.

Since there is no mandatory depository law for sound recordings in Switzerland--nor is there for printed material--the collection of the Swiss National Sound Recording Library, which has the responsibility for collecting these materials (as well as for related materials by Swiss authors/musicians, or with Swiss-related content, wherever published), depends on voluntary submissions by publishers. It should be noted that this listing covers only commercial recordings--a fact that can be gleaned only from the Italian title. In terms of both the extensiveness of the entries and the directions provided for use, we are dealing here with extreme minimalism. One cannot even tell whether this is the first issue of this title, though, according to Das Schweizer Buch, it has been published since 1995. Listed by the name of the person/institution/company that provided the recording (but without specific addresses), and then by label number, the entry includes title, composer, and performers, but without any consistency in format--presumably just copied from the jacket or the disk--and without any indication of medium (e.g., "CD-ROM"), or date of performance or issue. At this point one will hardly be surprised that there are no indexes. This publication is miles from fulfilling the expectations one has of a national discography. [sh/sl]


Schweizer Musik auf Schallplatte: Classic = Musique suisse sur disque: Classic = Musica svizzera su disco: Classic [Swiss Music on Records: Classical]. SUISA; SUISA-Stiftung für Musik; Schweizerische Landesphonothek. Lugano: Fonoteca Nazionale Svizzera. 32 cm. (Schweizerische Landesphonothek, Via Foce 1, CH-6906 Lugano, fax [41 91] 972 61 69)

1995- . 1 looseleaf binder. ISBN 88-900116-0-2: SFr. 70.00 (2 issues/year)


Schweizer Musik auf Schallplatte: Folk = Musique suisse sur disque: Folk = Musica svizzera su disco: Folk [Swiss Music on Records: Folk]. SUISA; SUISA-Stiftung für Musik; Schweizerische Landesphonothek . Lugano: Fonoteca Nazionale Svizzera. 32 cm. (Schweizerische Landesphonothek, Via Foce 1, CH-6906 Lugano, fax [41 91] 972 61 69)

1996- . 2 looseleaf binders. ISBN 88-900116-4-5: SFr. 50.00 (per issue)


Schweizer Musik auf Schallplatte: Jazz = Musique suisse sur disque: Jazz = Musica svizzera su disco: Jazz [Swiss Music on Records: Jazz]. SUISA; SUISA-Stiftung für Musik; Schweizerische Landesphonothek . Lugano: Fonoteca Nazionale Svizzera. 32 cm. (Schweizerische Landesphonothek, Via Foce 1, CH-6906 Lugano, fax [41 91] 972 61 69)

1995- . 1 looseleaf binder. ISBN 88-900116-2-9: SFr. 40.00 (2 issues/year)


Schweizer Musik auf Schallplatte: Rock & pop = Musique suisse sur disque: Rock & pop = Musica svizzera su disco: Rock & pop [Swiss Music on Records: Rock & Pop]. SUISA; SUISA Stiftung für Musik; Schweizerische Landesphonothek . Lugano: Fonoteca Nazionale Svizzera. 32 cm. (Schweizerische Landesphonothek, Via Foce 1, CH-6906 Lugano, fax [41 91] 972 61 69)

1995- . 1 looseleaf binder. ISBN 88-900116-3-7: SFr. 40.00 (2 issues/year)

This looseleaf retrospective catalog of the collections of the Swiss National Library of Sound Recordings appears in four sections with 37 entries (individuals and groups) to date: classical music, folk music (ethnomusic, not Peter, Paul and Mary), jazz, and rock/pop. In the absence of a mandatory depository law, these collections, which began in 1986 and cover recordings by Swiss performers, composers, and authors, are based on donations by publishers. (The relatively few recordings issued by non-Swiss firms were generally purchased.) The National Library of Sound Recordings has also archived broadcasts from seven major Swiss radio stations from 1932 to about 1955. Each entry includes a short biography with portrait and discography, and, in the case of classical composers, a list of works, with performance details. The bibliographic descriptions of the sound recordings are detailed, though lacking a consistent format. [mr/sl]

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