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Directory of the World's Banks. Publ. for Euromoney Books, London. Chicago; London: Fitzroy Dearborn. 29 cm

11th ed. (1996). xxv, 87, 1186 p. ISBN 1-884964-84-2: 100.00

This is the "library edition"-sold through the book trade-of The Euromoney Bank Register. It lists 10,000 banks in 211 countries that are arranged by continent and subdivided by country, then alphabetically by bank name. Information in each entry, which was probably collected via questionnaire, varies widely in completeness, but can include addresses, officers, specialization, phone number, persons who are in charge of specific divisions, statistics, etc. The indexes provide access by name (official form only) and place. An appendix lists the 250 largest banks on four continents. [sh/mj]

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