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Paracelsus-Bibliographie 1961-1996 [Paracelsus Bibliography, 1961-1996]. Ed. Julian Paulus. Heidelberg: Palatina-Verlag, 1997. 147 p. 24 cm. ISBN 3-932608-01-1: DM 128.00

Bibliographies devoted to a single individual can be particularly important if the works of that individual span several different disciplines or if the person is studied by representatives of several disciplines, since the retrospective and current bibliographies of a discipline may not cover the range of secondary literature about an interdisciplinary subject. It is fortunate that for the German polyhistor Paracelsus (1493-1541)--important for the history of the natural sciences, medicine, philosophy, and theology--we have not only a series of older bibliographies, but also ongoing bibliographies and research reports.

Paulus's work builds on Karl Heinz Weimann's retrospective bibliography of 1963 (covering the years 1932-1960), and reports on the secondary literature published between 1961 and 1996. Paulus lists 1,800 consecutively numbered monographs and articles in all European languages, although the preponderance is in German. Italian contributions are many, proving the intense interest in Paracelsus in that part of Europe. The paucity of Slavic contributions leads one to suspect that only a portion of the relevant literature could be uncovered.

Paulus arranges the entries in thirteen broad categories, which are then further subdivided. Organization within the categories is not always consistent or logical. The editor strives to present as complete a citation as possible, though it seems that much of the information derives from other secondary sources. There are three indexes: (1) authors, editors, compilers, etc., (2) key words for persons, places, and things, and 3) individual works by Paracelsus. [sh/jbr]


Paracelsus-Lexikon. Helmut Hiller. Anger: Anger-Verlag Eick, 1996. 327 p. 22 cm. ISBN 3-928621-16-5: DM 58.00 (Steinangerstr. 1, D-83454 Anger, fax [49 8656] 7392)

This posthumously published Paracelsus-Lexikon by Helmut Hiller (1923- 1992) should never have appeared under this title, since it is in no sense a lexicon--a warning therefore to selectors and catalogers! Rather, Hiller's book is an anthology of extracts from the numerous works of Paracelsus arranged alphabetically by key concepts. The only source given for the selections is the title of the work; no edition or pagination is indicated. [sh/jbr]

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