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Íslensk blöđ og tímarit 1974-1993: skrá um íslensk blöđ og tímarit 1974-1993 [Icelandic Press and Periodicals 1974-1993: Catalog of Icelandic Newspapers and Periodicals, 1974-1993]. Ed. Hallfríđur Baldursdóttir. Reykjavík: Landsbókasafn Íslands, 1994. xiii, 502 p. 30 cm. ISBN 9979-800-16-X: isk. (Icelandic crowns) 3.500, Ł43.00. (Landsbókasafn Íslands-Háskólabókasafn, Arngrímsgötu 3, IS-107 Reykjavík, fax [354] 525 5615)

This "provisional" bibliography follows the Árbok (1973) list of periodicals and newspapers and the Íslensk tímarit í 200 ár (1991; RREA 2:70) retrospective bibliography. It is "provisional" in that some titles may have been omitted. Users are asked to help fill in the gaps. This is perhaps being overly scrupulous. If other national libraries exercised similar care, Germany, for example, would publish only provisional national bibliographies!

This new bibliography, based on the holdings of the Icelandic National Library, documents Icelandic-language periodicals and newspapers published both in Iceland and abroad in the period 1974-1993, as well as foreign-language periodicals published in Iceland. Non-Icelandic language publications produced abroad are included if the primary focus is on Iceland. Electronic publications, company and organizational reports, and collections of court decisions are not included. The bibliographic citations are detailed, but unfortunately indexes listing personal names and places of publication are not included. An English-language introduction would have been desirable for non-Icelandic speakers. [bkr/sd]

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