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Harenberg-Lexikon der Nobelpreisträger: alle Preisträger seit 1901; ihre Leistungen, ihr Leben, ihre Wirkung [Harenberg Dictionary of Nobel Prizewinners: All Prizewinners since 1901, Their Contributions, Their Lives, and Their Influence]. Frank Amoneit et al. Dortmund: Harenberg Lexikon-Verlag, 1998. 703 p. ill. 25 cm. ISBN 3-611-00612-2: DM 89.00 [00-1/4-060]

The Harenberg dictionary is arranged differently from other German-language dictionaries of Nobel laureates (for reviews of related dictionaries see IFB 99-B09-72-081). The approach is chronological, by year of award. Each article opens with the following brief information contained in a "box:" prizewinners (alphabetically), country, area of research or creativity, summary of Nobel contribution. This section is followed by short biographies of the Nobel laureates, focusing on the scientific or creative contributions they have made. Bibliographical references are scarce. Its many excellent photographs and portraits of the prizewinners distinguish the Harenberg dictionary from both its German-language and English-language competitors. The introduction contains information about the Nobel Foundation; the appendix includes a chronological overview by area of research, as well as an overview of German, Austrian, and Swiss Nobel prizewinners. The dictionary concludes with name and subject indexes. The Harenberg dictionary should be the first choice for libraries that need a German-language dictionary of Nobel prizewinners. [sh/ba]

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