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Reference Reviews Europe Annual. Based on reviews published in Informationsmittel für Bibliotheken, with original reviews. Ed. Nancy Boerner, James Burgett, Beau David Case, and Jeffry Larson. Fiesole: Casalini Libri. 21 cm. ISSN 1124-6332 [01-2-210]

Vol. 6. 2000. 2001. 288 p. ISBN 88-85297-66-8: Lit. 54,000, US $30.00

Issued to coincide with the ALA Annual Meeting 2001 in San Francisco, the latest volume of the American-Italian offshoot of Informationsmittel: IFB (IFB) (previous title: Informationsmittel für Bibliotheken) is the second from the new team of four editors and 24 contributors and is the largest since its inception, both in number of pages and abstracts (see RREA 6:2 and 5:3 for earlier reviews). The total of 327 entries divides into 312 abstracts of IFB reviews and 15 original reviews written by nine contributors. A separate index of RREA Original Reviewers complements the indexes of IFB Reviewers and RREA Abstractors, all of which serve as keys to the initials at the end of the abstracts and as listings of the abstracts and reviews attributed to each individual. In addition, there are indexes of titles, electronic media, and subjects. Like its predecessors, this latest issue does an excellent job of carrying out its mission to publicize among English-language librarians reference resources from European countries, and it remains an invaluable adjunct to IFB, for which IFB's own editor thanks his American colleagues as well as Casalini Libri, the firm that publishes RREA and is also responsible for its Internet presence. [sh/hh]

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