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Das große Lexikon der DDR-Sportler: die 1000 erfolgreichsten und populärsten Sportlerinnen und Sportler aus der DDR, ihre Erfolge und Biographien [The Encyclopedia of GDR Athletes: The 1,000 Most Successful and Popular Athletes of East Germany, Their Successes and Biographies]. Volker Kluge. Berlin: Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, 2000. 448 p. ill. 24 cm. ISBN 3-89602-348-9: DM 39.80 [01-1-105]

Compiled by Volker Kluge, former sports page editor of Junge Welt, the most popular East German daily newspaper, who was an apparatchik of the East German sports machine and therefore lacks critical distance to his subject, this encyclopedia covers 1,000 East German athletes, including all 755 who won Olympic medals. The rest were either world or European champions, or were simply "very popular." The biography gives the name (and, if relevant, the maiden name) of each athlete, his or her athletic discipline, place and date of birth, team or club, and the name of the athlete's coach. The biographical narrative gives the athlete's (nominal) profession and then dwells mainly on the development of his or her athletic career, an account that usually stops abruptly with the fall of the Berlin Wall (although the author has tried to "follow up beyond 1990"). A brief, four-page appendix lists the Athletes of the Year from 1953 to 1989 plus further popularity and record tabulations. There are no indexes. At the very least, an index by athletic discipline or a list of coaches with the names of their charges might have been expected. [sh/jg]


Enzyklopädie der europäischen Fußballvereine: die Erstliga-Mannschaften Europas seit 1885 [Encyclopedia of European Soccer Clubs: The First League Teams of Europe since 1885]. Hardy Grüne. 3d ed. Kassel: Agon-Sportverlag, 2000. 512 p. 31 cm. ISBN 3-89784-163-0: DM 89.00 [01-1-107]

This is a completely revised version of the second edition of 1995 (see RREO 95-3-437). Although a hundred pages shorter, the third edition has a new, larger format (31cm as opposed to 21), which more than compensates for the lower page count.

Fifty-six different European soccer nations are represented in this compendium. Israel, for example, is included because of its UEFA membership, as are a number of relatively autonomous regions that have traditionally fielded their own teams, such as Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and the Faeroe Islands. The broad historical scope of this work also causes this list to swell. The Saarland had its own team from 1948 to 1956, for example, and Germany is represented not only through the Federal Republic, but also the German Democratic Republic and the old German Reich. Additionally, 20 other "special regions" are dealt with briefly in an appendix (e.g., the Vatican).

Articles for countries covered in the main section are divided into three parts: (1) general information on the history of soccer in the country, with sidebars on the national organization; a list of honors in order by club; a glossary of soccer vocabulary, including important words (such as "toilet") for fans who follow their teams to matches in other countries; names of the leading clubs (with acronyms); and a map showing the location of first-league teams; (2) league standings by season, with league champions, number of games played, goals for and against, etc.; (3) clubs arranged alphabetically by city, including over 5,000 team insignia and 500 pictures of stadiums; address information; historical and other useful information, including year founded, mergers with other clubs, team colors, home stadium, years in the first league, and finally championships and trophies won. There is a two-page bibliography at the end of the work together with a perfunctory geographical index that directs readers from city names to the title of the country article where further information can be found.

This is a worthwhile acquisition for libraries with appropriate collections and user communities. [sh/jg]


Deutschlands Fußball: das Lexikon [Germany's Soccer: The Encyclopedia]. Jürgen Bitter. Berlin: Sportverlag, 2000. 730 p. ill. 25 cm. ISBN 3-328-00857-8: DM 98.00 [01-1-108]

This comprehensive dictionary, with "over 12,700" brief entries on soccer in Germany, lists players and other relevant persons, clubs, associations, opposing teams in international matches, stadiums, magazines, and soccer terms. Player biographies (some with stamp-sized portraits) are limited to the clubs and dates of a player's career, and fans will be disappointed with the brevity of the information. No bibliographical information is provided. Still, the dictionary should be included in reference collections that cover the most popular sport in Germany. [sh/rs]

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