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La matematica in Italia (1800 –1950) [Mathematics in Italy (1800-1950)]. Ed. Enrico Giusti and Luigi Pepe. Firenze: Edizioni Polistampa, 2001. 182 p. ill. 24 cm. ISBN 88-8304-321-9: EUR 12.91 [04-1-386]

Il Giardino di Archimede: Un Museo per la Matematica [The Garden of Archimedes: A Museum for Mathematics], in collaboration with the Società Italiana di Storia delle Matematiche [Italian Society for the History of Mathematics], sponsored the publication of this bibliographic work as a supplement to its traveling exhibition “Mille Anni di Scienza in Italia” [One Thousand Years of Science in Italy]. Following a richly illustrated introduction to mathematics in Italy (p. 7-84), a chronologically arranged series of 106 signed entries accompanied by portraits covers important monographs and essays that delineate the development of mathematics in Italy. Each article points to the value and uniqueness of the work in question, contains biographical information, and closes with a list of secondary literature. Finally, the first index at the back of the book gives a chronological overview, while the second guides the reader from personal names to the corresponding entry numbers. One logical addition might have been a compilation of the most important publications on the history of mathematics in Italy during the time period under review. The museum, run by a consortium of eight mathematical institutions, is housed in the 16th-century Castello di San Martino and refers to itself on its home page) as “the first museum exclusively dedicated to mathematics and its applications.” [sh/rdh]

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