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Bibliographie deutschsprachiger aeronautischer Literatur [Bibliography of German-Language Aeronautical Literature]. Hans-Joachim Lindstädt. Bremen: Lindstädt. 30 cm. (H.-J. Lindstädt, August-Bebel-Allee 6B, D-28329 Bremen) [04-1-389]

Vol. 1. Von den Anfängen bis 1945 [From the Beginnings to 1945]. 2002. 369 p. EUR 40

The audience for this bibliography is the serious collector of air travel literature or the aeronautics enthusiast. It attempts a complete representation of the German-language literature in all areas of air travel and aeronautics up to 1945, albeit limited to those items that are available for purchase from the book trade and thus excluding articles, except those that have appeared as offprints. Purely scientific or technical literature and dissertations are generally excluded, although there are some exceptions. Works of many other kinds are represented, among them belles lettres, children’s books, war diaries, literature on protection of the atmosphere, stamp catalogs with an aeronautical theme, etc. The imprecise criteria for the selection of titles and the limitation for the most part to monographs make it difficult to place this work on the same level as that of comparable English, American, or Italian bibliographies. Among these one finds Paul Brockett, Bibliography of Aeronautics (Washington, 1910); U.S. Works Progress Administration, Bibliography of Aeronautics (New York, 1936-1940); William B. Gamble, History of Aeronautics (New York, 1938); and Timina Caproni Guasti, L’Aeronautica italiana nell’immagine: 1487-1875 (Milano, 1938). A second volume is scheduled for 2005 that will cover the literature since 1945. [sh/mjc]

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