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Biographische Enzyklopädie deutschsprachiger Unternehmer [Biographical Encyclopedia of German Entrepreneurs]. Ed. Wolfram Fischer. 3 vols. München: Saur, 2004. xv, 1,958 p. 25 cm. ISBN 3-598-11587-3: EUR 368 [05-1-196]

Vol. 1. A-K. 2004. xv, 667 p.

Vol. 2. L-Z. 2004. p. 669-1354

Vol. 3. Zeittafel, Register [Chronology, Index]. 2004. p. 1355-1958

This is one of several specialized biographical dictionaries spun off from the Deutsche Biographische Enzyklopädie [German Biographical Dictionary]. According to the introduction to volume 13 (2003 Supplement, see IFB 04-1-026), 8,050 entries were taken from the first 12 volumes of the DBE, and another 1,150 entries from DBE vol. 13. Some 141 entries are longer biographies. For this specialized work, the original contributors reviewed the articles and updated the bibliographies. A random sample indicates that reviewing has been narrowly interpreted; more often one finds new and additional bibliographical references only. The number of sources in the articles has decreased, even when articles have remained unchanged. New bibliographical references can also include other reference works, especially the Neue deutsche Biographie (NBE). For the initial volumes of the second edition of the DBE, see RREA 11:23.

Criteria for selection include "Owners, entrepreneurs, and leading managers of an enterprise" or "Free Professions"—a very broad category that covers just about any kind of professional role, including enterprise management, historic or contemporary. Volume 3, the index, contains a chronology of individuals by birth year; a list of persons by profession; a company index; and a place index. An index by economic branches and by professions would have been helpful. [sh/ga]

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