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Reference Reviews Europe Annual: Based on Reviews Published in Informationsmittel: IFB, with Original Reviews. Ed.Gordon Anderson. Fiesole: Casalini Libri. 21 cm. URL: http://rre.casalini.it. ISSN 1124-6332 [07-1-001]

Vol. 10. 2004. 2007. 247 p. ISBN 978-88-85297-77-7: EUR 40

The latest volume of Reference Reviews Europe Annual (RREA), which supplies Englishlanguage abstracts mainly for reference book reviews that appeared in the German online Informationsmittel für Bibliotheken (IFB), was three years late in appearing. Of 597 titles reviewed in IFB from 2004, this volume abstracts a selected 248 titles. In addition, it includes 19 original reviews by North American librarians of French and Spanish reference works, particularly of language dictionaries. The preceding volume 9 had offered a supplementary bonus of abstracts focused on biographical resources that IFB featured in its volumes 9 and 10; hopes that this survey might continue into RREA’s volume 10 went unfulfilled. There is, however, a special report on the works of Verdi abstracted in the music section; the next composer with a recent anniversary–and thus for whom we can expect abstracts soon–is Mozart, whose 250th birthday was in 2006. At times there is some question about the titles RREA selects from its IFB source for abstracting. On the topic of Germany and German states, for instance, some inferior reference works were selected, while other titles more important for American scholarly libraries (in the opinion of IFB’s editor) are left out. This observation in no way minimizes the value of RREA in supplying collection advice on non-English reference works for colleagues who only read English. The IFB editor wishes to thank the editor and abstractors of RREA once again for their highly competent and dedicated efforts. Along with the gratitude comes the hope that future volumes may be published in a timely manner. Particular thanks go to Casalini Libri (Fiesole, Italy) as publishers, who offer RREA in both a print and online version. [sh/rdh]

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