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Handbuch österreichischer und Südtiroler Literaturzeitschriften 1970-2004 [Handbook of Literary Periodicals in Austria and South Tyrol, 1970-2004]. Ruth Esterhammer, Fritz Gaigg, and Markus Köhle. 2 vols. Innsbruck [et. al.]: Studien-Verlag. 1138 p. 30 cm. ISBN 978-3-7065-4608-9: EUR 158 [08-1/2-005]

Funded by no fewer than seven governmental agencies in Austria and South Tyrol (now the area of Italy known as Alto Adige), the Handbuch österreichischer und Südtiroler Literaturzeitschriften 1970-2004 continues the coverage of an index of German literary periodicals, Deutsche literarische Zeitschriften 1945-1970 (München, 1992), prepared at the Deutsches Literaturarchiv in Marbach. That publication covered Austrian periodicals as well, and served as a model for the Handbuch, which offers similarly detailed descriptions of 380 periodicals and their contents. Information in 37 categories is given on each periodical, including how it was produced, its physical appearance, contributors and editors, history, and characteristics, as well as relevant secondary literature. Thus it is primarily a bibliography of journal titles, although the section listing contributors by year (and alphabetically within each year) constitutes the beginnings of a periodicals index. While the Marbach publication includes an index volume, with an extensive section on contributors, and four other sections covering compilers and editors, publishers, places of publication, and titles according to type of periodical, the Handbuch inexplicably dispenses with any such volume, making it less useful than its predecessor. Even if it was too expensive to produce an index volume, it should have been possible to include with the current two volumes a CD-ROM version of the Handbuch, with a search program that would have allowed users to generate their own index lists. [sh/nb]

Revistas literarias españolas del siglo XX (1919-1975) [Twentieth-Century Spanish Literary Periodicals, 1919-1975]. Ed. Manuel J. Ramos Ortega and José Maria Barrera López. 3 vols. Madrid: Ollero y Ramos, 2005. 560, [16], 478, [8], 435, [8] p. ill. 25 cm. ISBN 84-7895-222-5 (set): EUR 130 [08-1/2-006]

In these three volumes, 50 predominately short-lived Spanish literary journals are described and indexed in six chronologically ordered chapters. Each chapter begins with a short introduction. The section for each journal within the chapters consists of an extensive description of the journal’s content, scholarly orientation, and contributors. Unfortunately, the bibliographic details and information given on publishing aspects are insufficient. The indexes of contributors for each of the six eras give only the journal title but no volume number or year of publication.

An appendix in the third volume contains a general bibliography, including a list of literary journals (some not covered in these volumes). For each title, the place of publication and years of publication are given, followed by bibliographic information on any reprint editions. There is also a bibliography of secondary literature. [sh/rc]

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