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Lexikon jüdischer Sportler in Wien: 1900-1938 [Lexicon of Jewish Athletes in Vienna: 1900-1938]. Ignaz Hermann Körner. Ed. Marcus G. Patka for the Jüdisches Museum der Stadt Wien. Wien: Mandelbaum-Verlag, 2008. 237 p. ill. 24 cm. ISBN 978-3-85476-265-2: EUR 19.90 [08-1/2-238]

This publication accompanied the 2008 exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the most prominent Jewish sports club of its time, “Hakoah,” in which the Jewish dentist and athlete Ignaz Hermann Körner (18671944) played a significant role. In 2007 the editor happened upon the accounts and histories of Jewish sports written in 1940 by Körner, and he has incorporated the lengthier portions of that work into the present volume, while acknowledging the gaps in the original source documentation. The entries vary considerably in length, and the information on athletes confines itself solely to their careers in sports, while the lack of birthdates and places is understandable given the circumstances at the time. For the current publication, however, it could have been expected that updated information on types of sports, organizations, and sports events would have been provided by the editor, especially given the number of Viennese dissertations that have been done on the subject. Thus we have here essentially a “memory book” of Jewish sports in Vienna up to the time of their destruction by the Nazis in 1938. The plentiful inclusion of photographs from individual athletes, teams, sports events, documents, and memorabilia contribute to this publication. [sh/rlk]

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