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Reference Reviews Europe Annual: Based on Reviews Published in Informationsmittel: IFB, with Original Reviews. Ed. Gordon Anderson. Fiesole: Casalini Libri. 21 cm. ISSN 1124-6332
Vol. 11. 2005. 2008. 206 p. ISBN 978-88-85297-85-2: EUR 40
Vol. 12. 2006. 2009. 259 p. ISBN 978-88-85297-90-6: EUR 40

It is always a pleasure to draw attention to the latest issue of Reference Reviews Europe Annual (RREA), appearing in print since its inaugural issue, vol. 1. 1995 (1996), as it is a nice example of international cooperation. The editor of Informationsmittel für Bibliotheken (IFB) and his team of colleagues from German libraries and universities collaborate with librarians from the USA and Canada, who work with an editorial board under the leadership of Gordon Anderson (University of Minnesota Libraries) to create English-language abstracts of the reviews from IFB for those who cannot read German. The link between the two groups on two continents is the firm Casalini Libri in Fiesole near Florence, Italy, who not only produce and market the print product, but are also responsible for its Internet presence. This year we have two issues of RREA to review, since the publication had fallen behind and the editors are working hard to get back on track. Due to the compressed publication schedule, vol. 11 (2005) did not include original reviews by American contributors, but limited itself to 221 abstracts by 31 contributors. Vol. 12 (2006) contains 268 abstracts written by 29 contributors plus 12 original reviews of bibliographies and encyclopedias from Romance-language countries by six American contributors. It is noteworthy that as IFB has continued to broaden its definition of "reference book", so have the RREA editors, selecting more essay collections and historical works for inclusion. Thanks are due to all the American colleagues who work on RREA, as well as to Barbara and Michele Casalini. [sh/hh]

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