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Reference Reviews Europe Annual: Based on Reviews Published in Informationsmittel: IFB, with Original Reviews. Ed. Gordon Anderson. Fiesole: Casalini Libri. 21 cm. ISSN 1124-6332
Vol. 15/16 (2009/2010). 2012. 234 p. ISBN 978-3-88-7656-006-4: EUR 40 [12-3]

This edition of Reference Reviews Europe Annual (RREA) is a double volume combining years 2009 and 2010 of IFB. It covers 232 titlesó200 abstracts and 32 original reviewsówritten by 25 RREA abstractors and 10 original reviewers. The 200 abstracts are condensed versions of reviews written by 28 IFB contributors. The 32 original reviews cover a broad range of thematic areas, including archival, library, and museum studies; religion; European history; and medicine. Access to RREA content is provided by a subject index. Also included are lists of IFB reviewers, RREA abstractors and original reviewers, and titles. [sh/jb]

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