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Biografisches Handbuch der Berliner Stadtverordneten und Abgeordneten 1946-1963 [Biographical Handbook of Berlin City Councillors and Deputies, 1946-1963]. Ed. Werner Breunig und Andreas Herbst for the President of the Berlin Municipal Council. Berlin: Landesarchiv Berlin, 2011. 331 p. ill. 25 cm. (Schriftenreihe des Landesarchivs Berlin, 14). ISBN 978-3-9803303-4-3: EUR 14.90 [12-4]

This handbook joins the ranks of many other biographical reference works on German politicians at the state and city level. The extensive introduction presents the developments in political and parliamentary life in post-war Berlin, from the last unified session of the city’s parliament in 1946 up to the municipal elections of 1958. The body of the work contains over 500 biographical articles on the members of the Municipal Council of Greater Berlin in the first two election cycles (i.e., 1946 and 1951) and of the Chamber of Deputies in the first three election cycles (1951-1963). The entries usually include photographs of the subjects and outline the course of their personal lives and careers. Lists of executives, political factions and committees (as well as their chairs) are found in an addendum. The lengthy appendix (ca. 40 pages) includes picture credits, a bibliography of primary and secondary sources, and a list of abbreviations. [jli/as]

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