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Die Wiener Tageszeitungen [The Vienna Daily Newspapers] : eine Dokumentation / Gabrielle Melischek; Josef Seethaler, eds. Osterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften. - Frankfurt a.M. [et al.]: Lang. - 21cm. - (Publikationen der historischen Pressedokumentation).

Vol. 3. 1918-1938. - 1992. - 263 p. - ISBN 3-631-44409-5 : DM 74.00

When complete, this five-volume series will describe the daily newspapers of Vienna published between 1918 and 1945. The first four volumes will provide extensive bibliographic data and holdings information, as well as material on the internal and external institutional structure of the the Viennese press during the indicated time period. Volume five will take an analytical look at key aspects of the newspaper trade. The purpose of the series is to provide print access to selected bibliographic and historical information already available in the computer database on daily newspapers of Vienna. This database, commissioned by the Austrian Ministry for Science and Research, was established in 1988.

Vol. 3, the first volume to be published, covers the period 1918-1938. It describes 125 of the 194 titles contained in the computer database and includes an additional 15 titles mentioned in secondary sources, but for which no actual copy has been found. The print version's omission of certain categories of information found in the computer database, such as those dealing with the political climate reflected in the various newspapers and publication statistics, limits the appeal of an otherwise useful resource. (wu/jb)

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