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Verzeichnis der Heimatzeitschriften in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland : eine Bibliographie [Catalog of Regional Magazines in the Federal Republic of Germany : A Bibliography] / compiled by Bettina Munde for the city of Bocholt and the Deutscher Heimatbund. Bocholt : Bibliothek der Deutschen Heimatzeitschriften [et al.] - 30 cm. - (Schriftenreihe des Deutschen Heimatbundes ; ...) (Info-Dienst / Deutscher Heimatbund ; ...). - (Deutscher Heimatbund, Adenauerallee 68, 53113 Bonn)

1(1993). - 29 p. (... ; 24). - (... ; 1993, Sonderausg.) - free

The organization of this catalog of 962 German regional magazines is not immediately apparent, but seems to follow loose geographical principles. A complete entry contains title, publishing body, editorial staff, address, and publication dates. Various elements are lacking in many entries, as is information concerning frequency of publication. A revised and expanded edition is expected in the near future. [sh/ldb]


Bestandsverzeichnis : Mikrofilmarchiv der deutschsprachigen Presse = Catalogue [of the Microfilm Archive of the German Language Press]. - Dortmund : Mikrofilmarchiv der Deutschsprachigen Presse - 21 cm. - ISSN 0170-4990. - (Mikrofilmarchiv ..., c/o Institut fur Zeitungsforschung der Stadt Dortmund, 44122 Dortmund)

9 (1994). [Ed. by Manfred Pankratz]. - 453 p. - ISBN 3-926271-02-7 : DM 15.00

This directory of German language newspapers in microfilm is in its 9th revised edition. It differs from earlier editions in that master and duplicate copies are now interfiled under the title of the newspaper. Many of the newspapers on microfilm are available for purchase or loan through the Mikrofilmarchiv. Entries are arranged alphabetically by place of publication, but unfortunately there is no access to the listing via subject and chronological indexes. [hjg/ldb]


Mecklenburgische und Pommersche Zeitungen und Wochenblätter [Mecklenburg and Pommern Newspapers and Weeklies] : Katalog der Bestände vom 17. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart in Archiven, Bibliotheken und Museen des Landes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, in der Bezirks- und Stadtbibliothek Szczecin und in der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preussischer Kulturbesitz / edited by Heinz Gittig. - Berlin : Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preussischer Kulturbesitz, 1994. - XVIII, 312 p. : ill. ; 21 cm. - ISBN 3-88053-051-3 : DM 25.00 - (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Referat Öffentlichkeitsarbeit / Ausstellungswesen, 10772 Berlin)

This catalog has 1,061 entries for periodicals in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania from the 17th century to the present. Entries are arranged by title and provide publication information and holdings data for the source institutions. As is the case with the two earlier periodical catalogs produced by Gittig (Berliner Zeitungen und Wochenblätter in Berliner Bibliotheken and Brandenburgische Zeitungen und Wochenblätter), this volume lacks holdings information for libraries and archives in western Germany and does not list titles available in microform. [gh/ldb]


Die Presse Oberschlesiens von den Anfängen bis zum Jahre 1945 [The Press in Upper Silesia from the Beginnings to the Year 1945] : Dokumentation und Strukturbeschreibung / Bernhard Groschel. With a preface by Gerhard W. Wittkamper. - Berlin : Mann, 1993. - 447 p. ; 25 cm. - (Schriften der Stiftung Haus Oberschlesien : Landeskundliche Reihe ; 4) - ISBN 3-7861-1669-5 : DM 74.00

This exemplary work is a guide to 727 periodicals published in Upper Silesia until 1945. Entries are arranged according to the regional affiliations of the periodicals (Prussian, Polish, Czech), and within this regional structure periodicals are ordered by place and time of publication. The author has included a title index, extensive bibliography, and multilingual place name concordance. [gh/ldb]

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