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Personennamen der Antike : PAN ; Ansetzungs- und Verweisungsformen gemäß den RAK [Names of Persons in Antiquity : PAN : Entry and Cross-Reference Forms according to RAK] / compiled by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. / [Editors: Claudia Fabian and Ute Klier]. - Authorized ed. - Wiesbaden : Reichert, 1993. - XXVI, 613 p. ; 29 cm. - (Regeln für die alphabetische Katalogisierung ; 7). - ISBN 3-88226-599-X : DM 180.00

PAN makes a file of personal names for Greek and Roman antiquity (persons who died before 501 A.D.) available, similar to the list of medieval names published in Personennamen des Mittelalters (PMA) in 1989. The compilers' intention is to standardize the entry of these names and facilitate searches in OPACs (with generous cross-references), following the German rules for descriptive cataloging. Comprehensive and generally available reference books on classical and religious studies form the basis for the entries. (The Library of Congress classification was also consulted.) The goals were: 1) to list all the persons who fit the guidelines; 2) to determine forms of entry; and 3) to provide cross-references. Goal 1) can be considered as reached. Under 3) the intention was to provide as many cross-references as possible in all European languages, which leads to some strange qualifiers. Goal 2), determination of forms of entry, has resulted in a few questionable decisions in principle and in individual cases. In general, the list, which the reviewer suggested 19 years ago, has turned out well. An even larger project, a list of uniform titles of classical texts, is in progress at the University of Tubingen. [bb/gh]

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