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Hochschulschriften [Dissertations] / Die Deutsche Bibliothek: (CD-ROM). - Frankfurt : Die Deutsche Bibliothek. - (Buchhändler-Vereinigung GmbH, Frankfurt am Main)

1945/92 : 1993 ed. - 1 CD-ROM + user documentation [20 p.]. - ISBN 3-922051-53-7 : DM 840.00

This CD-ROM lists ca. 620,000 doctoral and professorial ("Habilitation") dissertations done at German universities from 1945 to 1992. For the period 1971-, it includes dissertations published in the booktrade. A later edition will list dissertations from 1971 on which were written in the DDR but not made public. Expected to appear annually, this CD does not entirely replace the existing lists of dissertations, but it improves significantly the ability to search for and verify dissertations. For installation, one needs to have 640KB RAM, a VGA color monitor, and Microsoft Extensions (MSCDEX). The retrieval software is Online Computer Systems, Inc., making this product compatible with DNB-Aktuell, VLB-Aktuell, BIP-Plus and Ulrich's Plus. Search terms are only in German. Search results can be downloaded in various formats. Paper documentation for users is too brief, and lacks a table of contents, an index, and page numbers. There is online help, but it is not keyed to fields so as to provide help when you need it in the course of a search. [bh/mrh]


Bibliographie der geheimen DDR-Dissertationen = Bibliography of Secret Dissertations in the German Democratic Republic / ed. and with an introduction by Wilhelm Bleek and Lothar Mertens. - Müchen : Saur, 1994. - Vol. 1 - 2 ; 25 cm. - ISBN 3-598-11209-2 : DM 398.00

Nearly one fifth of the dissertations written in the DDR were not available to the West on interlibrary loan, and the ones that were judged most secret were not even listed in the standard bibliographies of dissertations. The editors of this bibliography were the first to report in 1992 on the practice of keeping DDR dissertations secret, and have recently published a book on the subject. They list ca. 8,600 dissertations here, arranged geographically, with other access points in the index volume. The assigned level of secrecy is indicated for each title. Current locations for all the 8,600 dissertations listed here are not known. It is hoped that the Deutsche Bibliothek will be able to get copies of the dissertations that it does not have and list new ones (preferably in subsequent editions of its CD-ROM bibliography of dissertations) as they are found. [sh/mrh]


Würzburger Hochschulschriften : 1804-1885 ; Bestandsverzeichnis [Würzburg University Publications : 1804-1885; Catalog] / Universitätsbibliothek Würzburg. [Compilers: Brigitte Baumann and Gabriele Wollmann]. - Würzburg, 1994. - 374 p. ; 24 cm. - (Sammlungen wertvoller Drucke in der Universitätsbibliothek Würzburg ; 2). - ISBN 3-923959-25-7 : DM 42.00

This catalog lists 2,449 dissertations and 47 other publications of the University of Würzburg from its transition to being a royal Bavarian university in 1804 to the initial publication of the annual index to German university publications in 1885-86. Along with its predecessor (Würzburger Hochschulschriften : 1581-1803), the volume represents a valuable contribution to retrospective bibliographic control of older German university publications; other university libraries should follow this model. [sh/gh]


Doktorsavhandlingar vid svenska universitet och högskolor = Doctoral Dissertations at Swedish Universities / Lennart Brohet. - Henn : Slussens Bokforlag. - 21 cm. - ISSN 0284-785X. - (Slussens Bokforlag, Slussen 4352, 44090 Henn, Sweden)

1991/92 [1994]. - iv, 86 p. - ISBN 91-970971-9 : SKr. 120.00

This annual list of Swedish dissertations has been coming out since 1986-87 (though it is not included in the Guide to Nordic Bibliography). The latest annual volume lists 1,269 titles arranged according to the Swedish library classification, with indexes of authors and institutions. The list is of little value because too limited information is given about each title and because all the dissertations are also listed in Svensk bokförteckning [sh/gh]

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