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Festschriften zum Sportgeschehen: Bibliographie von Jubiläumsschriften [Festschrifts on Sports] / ed. by Alfred H. Sokoll. - München : Alkos-Verlag Sokoll, 1994. - VII, 219 p. ; 21 cm. - (Bibliothek des Sports ; 7). - ISBN 3-920902-16-5 : DM 58.00

This is a bibliography of 1389 Festschriften on sports published in German-speaking countries. The entries are divided into four sections: People (87), Institutions (78), Associations (143), and Societies (108). The sources used for the compilation are not specified, but a spot comparison with well established German regional bibliographies reveals that these were not systematically utilized. Contains corporate and personal name indexes, but no place name index. [sh/bw]


Sportwissenschaftliches Lexikon [Dictionary of Sports Science] / Ed. by Peter Rothig ... - 6th ed. - Schorndorf : Hofmann, 1992. - 568 p. ; 21 cm. - (Beiträge zur Lehre und Forschung im Sport ; 49/50). - ISBN 3-7780-4496-6 : DM 65.80

The first edition of this work appeared in 1972, the result of many years of effort to clarify and standardize the technical vocabulary of sports science. This latest edition represents a significant update from previous editions. The actual number of entries (1,210) is somewhat less than the original edition, but these definitions and explanations require more than twice the number of pages. The difference is not merely quantitative but is indicative of shift from a narrower dictionary to a more encyclopedic concept for the work. [js/bw]


Wörterbuch der Sportwissenschaft : deutsch, englisch, französisch = Dictionary of sport science = Dictionnaire des sciences du sport / Ed. by Erich Beyer. - 2nd unchanged ed. - Schorndorf : Hofmann, 1992. - 770 p. ; 25 cm. - ISBN 3-7780-3502-9 : DM 65.00

This trilingual dictionary is intended to facilitate international communication in sport science. It represents a 14 year effort by an international team of scholars and is based on the entries in the 5th edition of the Sportwissenschaftliches Lexikon. It contains 915 technical definitions in German, English and French and attempts to indicate with a system of asterixes the degree of variation in meaning of the German term from the corresponding English and French. [js/bw]


Lexikon Sportwissenschaft: Leistung, Training, Wettkampf [Dictionary of Sports Science] / [Edited by] Günter Schnabel and Günter Thiess. - 1st ed. - Berlin : Sportverlag, 1993. - Vol. 1 - 2. ; 25 cm. - ISBN 3-328-00454-8 : DM 298.00

This dictionary of sports science represents the fruits of 25 years of preparation. In so doing it draws on the expertise of athletic specialists in the former German Democratic Republic, a country which developed a strong tradition in this field. It contains 3200 main entries organized by 29 broad thematic categories. One of the work's primary goals is to develop a unified vocabulary for both Eastern and Western German sports culture, but with its obvious bias toward Eastern German terminology it only partially succeeds in bridging the two cultures. In recognition of the international nature of the field, all main entries include an English translation, but here too the editors are only partially successful: a large number of the translations are simply literal correspondences of the German. The dictionary also includes synonyms, but they are inconsistently applied from entry to entry. Because of these problems this work should not be considered a replacement for the Wörterbuch der Sportwissenschaft (1992), nor the Sportwissenschaftliches Lexikon (1992). The Lexikon Sportwissenschaft, at 298 DM, is also significantly more expensive than the other two works. [js/rob]

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