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Enzyklopädie des Holocaust : die Verfolgung und Ermorderung der europäischen Juden [Encyclopedia of the Holocaust : Persecution and Murder of the European Jews] / Ed. by Eberhard Jackel ... [Chief editor: Israel Gutman.]. - Berlin : Argon, 1993. - Vol. 1- 3 ; 25 cm. - ISBN 3-87024-300-7 : DM 148.00

Although based on The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (NY: Macmillan, 1990), these volumes are as much a reworking as a translation of the original. Some articles were, in fact, merely translated, but others were rewritten, a very few were dropped from the German edition, and a significant number were added, including, for example, articles on Jewish life and persecution of the Jews in Amsterdam, Cologne, and Sofia, leading figures in the police and the SS, the German Foreign Ministry, exile and emigration, and articles about individuals, such as the almost-forgotten poet Rose Ausländer, and the Belgian Nazi Kurt Asche, who administered the deportation of Jews from Belgium. [ah/sl]


Lexikon des Widerstandes 1933-1945 [Dictionary of Resistance 1933-1945] / ed. by Peter Steinbach and Johannes Tuchel. - 1st ed. - München : Beck, 1994. - 238 p. ; 18 cm. - (Beck'sche Reihe ; 1061). -ISBN 3-406-37451-4 : DM 19.80


Stichwort: Widerstand gegen Hitler [Keyword: Resistance to Hitler] / Annalena Staudte-Lauber. - 1st ed. - München : Heyne, 1994. - 103 p. ; 18 cm. - (Heyne-Bücher : 19, Heyne-Sachbuch ; 4049 : Stichwort). - ISBN 3-453-07834-9 : DM 12.90

The first book, edited by leading German scholars in resistance study, treats resistance as a European phenomenon, inside and outside of Germany. It includes over 400 entries covering people, groups, places, events, countries, concepts, and facts, with the emphasis on individual persons. The articles, usually ranging from one to two columns, are signed and provide basic information and brief references. Unfortunately, the book does not include separate, comprehensive bibliographical references which could be useful. For a reference book, more attention needs to be given to book design and binding.

While the first book aims at serving scholars and college students as a reference book, the second one is obviously intended to be used as general reading material for a juvenile audience or as support material for high school history classes. Accordingly, the book is written in an easy to understand language and includes a wealth of illustrations. The seven chapters of the book cover diverse aspects of resistance, such as the resistance of labor movements and churches, women, youth, and Jews, resistance in concentration camps, as well as internal immigration, but exile is not mentioned. The appendices include a timeline and bibliographical references. With its clear structure and keyword index, this handbook can also be used as a reference book for a non-scholarly purposes or a young readership. [ah/mj]]


Bibliothek Stein : Sozialgeschichte im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert; Katalog [Stein Collection : Social History in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Catalog] / ed. by Ulrich Naumann. Rev. by Wilhelm Krimpenfort in cooperation with Dieter Vorath. - Wildberg : Belser Wissenschaftlicher Dienst, 1993. - XXII, 874 p. ; 24 cm. - ISBN 3-628-90100-6 : DM 498.00. - (Belser ..., Postfach 126, 72215 Wildberg)

The Stein collection, acquired by the Free University of Berlin from Max Stein in 1951, focuses on "social topics, the labor movement, socialism, anarchism, communism, Leninism, Stalinism ... with the emphasis on literature published in Germany and Middle Europe since Marx and Engels and since the foundation of the General German Worker's Association." A considerable amount of the titles are rare, small publications of local associations and organizations. The catalog, which covers the whole collection of 5494 titles and 7500 volumes, is organized in twelve groups by subject and format, and these groups are further subdivided. The largest group is group K political history with 1474 titles, followed by group D labor movement with 967 titles. Half of the book is devoted to indexes, which are arranged by author, title, subject, person, place, and organization, etc. [sh/mj]


Bibliographie zur oberbergischen Geschichte [Bibliography of Oberberg History] / Richard Jilka. - 2nd ed. - Gummersbach : Gronenberg, 1992. - 285 p. ; 31 cm. - ISBN 3-88265-169-5 : DM 78.00

Based on the planed multi-volume Oberberg history, the significantly enlarged and redesigned 2nd edition is structured by historical periods. Sporadically, titles are traced back into the 19th century. Because of historical development, Oberberg's surrounding areas are also taken into consideration. Largely based on the "Bergische Bibliographie", which was compiled by Ulrich Rauchenbichler, this bibliography can be considered as a supplement to the regional bibliography of the German state of North Rhine Westphalia. [cw/mj]


Zeitschriftenschau...: Verzeichnis des Aufsatzschrifttums Zwischen Elbe und Weser [Journal Review ... : Index of Journal Articles between Elbe and Weser] / Landschaftsverband der Ehemaligen Herzogtümer Bremen und Verden. [Ina Donner]. - Stade : Landschaftsverband. - 30 cm. - 1989 (1991) - . - Free of charge. - (Landschaftsverband ..., Im Johanniskloster, 21682 Stade)

1989 (1991). - 32 p.
1990 (1991). - 36 p.
1991 (1992). - 51 p.
1992 (1993). - 48 p.
1993 (1994). - 64 p.

Since 1991, the local historical society in the region of the former Duchy of Bremen and Werden has been issuing under the title "Zeitschriftenschau" an annual index to relevant articles which have appeared in the previous year's local and regional journals. With its local focus and up-to-date contents, this catalog meets researchers' needs for local information and thus compensates for the Niedersächsische Bibliographie, which appears is slow to appear. [wc/mj]


Mecklenburg-Vorpommersche Bibliographie [Bibliography of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania] / ed. by die Mecklenburgische Landesbibliothek Schwerin. - Schwerin : Mecklenburgische Landesbibliothek. - 21 cm. - 1945/64 (1979/81) - 1990 (1992) under the title: Mecklenburgische Bibliographie. - ISSN 0543-2111. - (Mecklenburgische Landesbibliothek, Am Dom 2, 19010 Schwerin)

1991. Supplement. 1945 - 1990. Compiled by Grete Grewolls. - 1993. - 384 p. - ISBN 3-86062-016-9.

In accordance with the new German state, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which was formed after the unification and includes former districts Rostock, Schwerin, and Neubrandenburg, this issue not only changed its title from "Mecklenburgische Bibliographie" but also rearranged the contents accordingly. Among others, changes include new arrangement based on the county division in chapter 12; in chapter 5, the previous section "after 1945" has become two sections "1945-1990" and "since 1990"; numerous entries of publications about local organization, activities and current events have been added. Author, corporate and subject indexes are included. [sh/mj]


Deutschtirolische Bibliographie. Autorenregister [German-Tirolean Bibliography. Author Index] / compiled by Edith und Peter Kolar. - Innsbruck : Wagner. - 24 cm. - (Tiroler Bibliographien ; ...)

1927/70. 1927 - 1932 (Josef Hofinger) und 1961 - 1970 (Walter Neuhauser). - 1990. - 133 S. - (... ; 11). - ISBN 3-7030-0226-3 : S 360.00


Tirolensienkatalog : Zuwachsverzeichnis der UB Innsbruck fur das Jahr ... [Tiroleana Catalog : Index of New Acquisitions to the University Library of Innsbruck for the Year ... ] / Karin Heller ; Klaus Niedermair; Maria Seissl. - Innsbruck : Wagner. - 24 cm. - (Tiroler Bibliographien ; ...)

1991 (1992). - 145 p. - (... ; 12). - ISBN 3-7030-0248-4 : S 238.00

1992 (1993). - 164 S. - (... ; 13). - ISBN 3-7030-0255-7 : S 238.00

The Deutschtirolische Bibliographie appeared initially as a section of the journal Tiroler Heimat (for the years 1927-1932) and then after a long interruption, as a separate publication (first an annual, then in two- and three-year installments) covering the decade 1961-1970. Plans for subsequent volumes were announced but never appeared. Now at least a retrospective author index to the published bibliography has been produced, although a subject index would have been more useful.

The Tirolensienkatalog thus appears after a two decade gap to again attempt bibliographic control of the literature of Tirol. The new bibliography is based on the online catalog of the University of Innsbruck library. It encompasses all subject areas but limits its coverage to monographs, listing only journal articles that have been cataloged as off-prints. Individual essays in edited volumes are analyzed, however. The entries are arranged using the 65 subject categories of the German national bibliography. Each volume has a fairly elaborate subject index, but no personal name or place name index (both extremely useful for regional bibliographies. [sh/bw]


Island í skrifum erlendra manna um thjóthlíf og náttúru landsins : ritaskra = Writings of Foreigners Relating to the Nature and People of Iceland / Haraldur Sigurdsson tok saman. - Reykjavik : Landsbokasafn Islands, 1991. - 163 p. ; 26 cm. - ISBN 9979-800-06-2 : ikr. 2000.00. - (Landsbpkasafn Islands, Postholf 1210, 121 Reykjavik, Iceland)

This bibliography lists travel narratives and other publications by foreigners about Iceland from the earliest times up to 1974. Both monographs and essays are included; among the sources consulted were the Icelandic National Library, the University of Reykjavik library and numerous Icelandica catalogs and bibliographies. The arrangement is alphabetical by author and title main entry. There are no annotations for contents, also no subject index--both would generally be expected in a so specialized a bibliographic work. [sh/bw]

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