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Nordrhein-Westfalen : Landesgeschichte im Lexikon [North Rhine- Westphalia : A Historical Dictionary] / ed. Anselm Faust. - 1st ed. - Düsseldorf: Patmos, 1993. - 504 p. ; 28 cm. - (Veröffentlichungen der staatlichen Archive des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen : Reihe C, Quellen und Forschungen ; 31). - ISBN 3-491-34230-9 : DM 49.80

Instead of employing the more usual chronological or geographical approach, this volume offers a lexical presentation of the history of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. 172 entries by 130 authors focus on specific events (e.g. de- Nazification, the Ruhr Rebellion of 1920), with attention also given to corporate bodies (such as political parties) and general concepts (vocational training schools, standard of living), seen from the regional point of view. Some knowledge on the part of the user is assumed; little historical background information is given, and there are no entries for places or persons. [wc/nb]


Jahrbuch der Bundesrepublik Deutschland [Yearbook of the Federal Republic of Germany] / by Horst-Hennek Rohlfs and Ursel Schäfer. - München : Deutscher Taschenbuch-Verlag ; Beck. - 18 cm. - (dtv ; ...). - ISSN 0931-4938

1993/94. - XXIV, 574 p. - (... ; 5618). - ISBN 3-423-05618-5 (dtv) - 3-406-37675-4 (Beck) : DM 19.80

Now in its tenth edition, this yearbook aims at presenting a comprehensive picture of German society and politics. About half the volume is devoted to reports on the country's population, social structure, infrastructure, economic development, and social welfare system, illustrated by a wealth of statistical material. The remainder covers federal and regional political institutions, parties, interest groups, the churches, and foreign affairs. A chronicle of political events for the period June 1, 1992 to June 30, 1993 rounds out the yearbook. A detailed index helps the user find information quickly. [wc/nb]


Publizistik der fränzösischen Revolution (1789 bis 1800) in der Hessischen Landes- und Hochschulbibliothek Darmstadt : Einführung und Bestandnachweis [Journalism of the French Revolution in the Library of the State of Hesse and the University of Darmstadt : Introduction and Holdings] / Erich Zimmermann. In: Bibliothek und Wissenschaft. - 26. 1992/93 (1993), p. 123-214.


Das Elsass in der französischen Revolution : Publizistische Quellen in der Hessischen Landes- und Hochschulbibliothek Darmstadt [Alsace in the French Revolution : Journalistic Sources in the Library of the State of Hesse and the University of Darmstadt] / Erich Zimmermann. In: Archiv für hessische Geschichte und Altertumskunde. - N.F. 51 (1993), p. 75-166: ill.


Impressions Révolutionnaires 1788-1799 / edited by Xavier Ferrieu and Michele Stievenard. - Rennes : Bibliothèque Municipale, 1993. -XXII, 439 p. ; 26 cm. : ill. - ISBN 2-906039-24-1 : FF 200. - (Bibliothèque Municipale, 1, rue de la Borderie, 35042 Rennes, France)

The first two catalogs, compiled by the former director of the Hessische Landes- und Hochschulbibliothek Darmstadt, are especially interesting in that they place the titles included in a historical context. The first includes 496 publications which appeared before 1815, addressing events through 1799. They are organized in topical/chronological sections and chapters ("Pre-Revolution," "Legislative Assembly to Thermidore," "German Publications," etc.). The subdivisions have brief introductions and the titles are selectively annotated, so that the user has some idea of the document's contents, even when the title is not descriptive. There is an index of names. The organization and commentary of the second catalog are very similar; it includes 121 titles relating specifically to Alsace, which "occupied a special place in the Revolution."

Catalogues of local holdings relating to the French Revolution can be very important, since many of these publications never reached the collections of the Bibliotheque Nationale. The third work listed above includes 5,190 titles and is one of the longest. Titles are organized by date of publication, then alphabetically by author or title main entry. Subject access is available only through the subject index, which shows frighteningly long columns of numbers under major topics. An author index and an index of publishers and booksellers in Brittany are also included. [sh/vh]

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