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Landesbibliographie von Baden-Württemberg [Bibliography of the State of Baden-Württemberg] / edited by the Kommission für Geschichtliche Landeskunde in Baden- Württemberg in conjunction with the Landesbibliotheken Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. - Stuttgart : Kohlhammer

v. 6. 1983/85. Edited by Werner Schulz and Günter Stegmaier. Main editor: Werner Schulz. - 1993. - XVII, 930 p. - ISBN 3-17-010524-8 : DM 165.00

v. 10. 1989. Edited by Hendrikje Kilain and Ludger Syre. Main editors: Hendrikje Kilian ; Silvia Solazzo. - 1993. - XVIII, 759 p. - ISBN 3-17-012698-9 : DM 110.00

The first volume of this bibliography for the German state of Baden-Württemberg, which covered the year 1973/74, appeared in 1978. The change to an automated means of production with vol. 7 for 1986 delayed production of the volume for 1983/ 85, which now appears at the same time as vol. 10. It has also resulted in some changes in presentation. Whilst the main arrangement of material in three sequences (subject, place, people) has been retained, the breakdown by subject has been reduced from 17 main groupings to 10. All entries for publications from 1986 are mounted on-line (Landesinformationssystem Baden-Württemberg), but access to the database is limited. For the conceivable future the printed volumes will remain the researcher's main tool. The change from a two-yearly to an annual bibliography has unfortunately not reduced the four and a half year delay before the annual volumes appear. [sh/dkl]


Burgenlandische Landesbibliographie [Bibliography of the Province of Burgenland] : assembled from the additions to the Burgenlandische Landesbibliothek / by Norbert Frank. Amt der Burgenlandischen Landesregierung, Abt. XII/2, Landesarchiv und Landesbibliothek. - Eisenstadt. - 30 cm. -Free of charge. (Amt der Burgenlandischen Landesregierung, Abt. XII/2, Landesarchiv und Landesbibliothek, Freiheitsplatz a, 7001 Eisenstadt, Austria)

1991 (1992). - 98, 143 p. 1992 (1993). - 32, 31 p.

This is a serial bibliography supplementing the comprehensive retrospective bibliography (not yet complete) of the Allgemeine Bibliographie des Burgenlandes on the Austrian province of Burgenland. It, too, covers all subjects and aspects of life. In 1991 371 titles were included, in 1992 only 71. It offers a systematic listing of publications and a listing divided by author and topic. The compilers are considering five year cumulations. [hk and sh/ti]

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