EUROCAT : the complete catalogue of EC publications and documents / Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. - Cambridge [etc.] : Chadwyck- Healy. - ISSN 1021-7789 (CD-ROM)

1994,2. - 1 CD-ROM + User manual (1993. ISBN 0-85964-242-9). 450.00 pounds sterling (1994, 4th ed.)

This CD-ROM catalog should help remedy some of the difficulties encountered in trying to identify European Community publications. EUROCAT combines the records of four Community databases (ABEL, CATEL, CELEX, and SCAD) to index all of the publications and documents issued since the beginning of 1985; all rules and regulations issued prior to 1985 that are still binding are also included. Each publication has a record for each of the languages in which it appeared, so that there are some 450,000 total records for the 103,909 unique documents indexed. English is one of six languages in which three types of menu-driven searching can be done: 1) standard searching of up to six searchable fields; 2) detailed searching of up to four additional elements selected from a menu of twelve additional searchable fields ; and 3) searching by document number. Codes can be used to search fields such as issuing body and type of document more quickly. Records can be displayed in either a brief or a full record format. Even though the organization of EUROCAT has not yet been finalized, it greatly facilitates both the verification and the topical searching of European Community publications, thus providing access to a wealth of current information on social and economic topics that would otherwise be difficult to locate. [bh/ajs]

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