Verbotene Druckschriften in Deutschland [Prohibited Publications in Germany] : eine Dokumentation / Ed. by Herbert Birett. - Vaduz : Topos-Verlag. - 28 cm.

Vol. 1. Die Sozialistengesetze 1878. - 1987 - xvi, 528 p. - ISBN 3-289-00332-2 : SFr. 150.00

Vol. 2. Schmutz und Schund. - 1995. - Various pagings. - ISBN 3-289-00671-9 : SFr 180.00

These two volumes bring together reprints of selected nineteenth and early twentieth century German publications on censorship. Volume 1 primarily includes the texts of government regulations prohibiting social-democratic and anarchist writings; volume 2 consists of a reprint of the so-called Polunbi-Katalog (of confiscated "filthy" publications) from 1926 and its 1929 and 1936 supplements, with a 14-part (!) index covering all three. The index listing reasons for censorship includes topics like abortion, family planning, homosexuality, lesbianism, nudity and sex education. How grateful present day censors would be if these were the issues they had to contend with! [sh/ldb]


Handbuch zur Kinder- und Jugendliteratur [Guide to Children's Literature] / Theodor Brüggemann in collaboration with Otto Brunken. - Stuttgart : Metzler. - 27 cm

[From the Beginning of Print to 1570.] - 1987. - xlii, 1576 Col. - ISBN 3-476-00607-7 : DM 358.00

[From 1570 to 1750.] - 1991. - lviii, 2486 Col. - ISBN 3-476-00611-5 : DM 398.00

[From 1750 to 1800.] - 1982. - xxvi, 1724 Col. - ISBN 3-476-00484-4 : DM 368.00

Compiled by the Arbeitsstelle für Kinder- und Jugendliteraturforschung (Children's Literature Research Project) of the University of Cologne, this definitive reference work covers all of German-speaking Europe during the early modern period, from the beginning of print to the end of the 18th century. Coverage is very broad, and includes children's materials in several languages (but predominantly Latin and German). An inclusive definition of children's literature is employed, with textbooks, primers, catechisms, and other religious didactic material being considered a part of the genre. This is unusual, but the inclusivity of the volumes makes them all the more useful.

Each of the volumes is organized along the same basic pattern. After an extensive introduction characterizing both the epoch and the current state of scholarship on children's literature of the period, a larger section contains essays, each of which goes into a detailed analysis of a particular work illustrative of children's literature writing of the time. There is then a large bibliographical section with a selection of books that could be identified under the broad definition of children's literature for the particular period handled. The entries are annotated and each title carefully identified, and this section includes an extensive index apparatus. There is also a considerable bibliography of secondary literature.

It is clear that the creators of this three-volume handbook intended for their work to be an indispensable working tool for those doing research in the history of children's literature in German-speaking countries, and scholars working in this area will undoubtedly be thankful for their work for many years to come. [hew/rob]


Kinder- und Jugendliteratur in Deutschland [Children's Literature in Germany] : 1840 - 1950 ; Gesamtverzeichnis der Veröffentlichungen in deutscher Sprache / Aiga Klotz. - Stuttgart : Metzler. - 30 cm. - (Repertorien zur deutschen Literaturgeschichte ; ...). - ISBN 3-476-00701-4

(A - F). - 1990. - vii, 522 p. - (... ; 11). - ISBN 3-476-00702-2 : DM 298.00

(G - K). - 1992. - 548 p. - (... ; 12). - ISBN 3-476-00703-0 : DM 328.00

(L - Q). - 1994. - 485 p. - (... ; 13). - ISBN 3-476-00704-9 : DM 328.00

The ambition of this still incomplete three-volume reference work is to offer a comprehensive bibliography of all children's literature that appeared in Germany, in the German language, between 1840 and 1950. An important aspect of any bibliography purporting to be comprehensive is how the subject matter and its chronological range are defined, and this is where this work betrays serious flaws. With the some 5500 authors covered thus far, there is little question that the broad scope of this bibliography will be of great usefulness to researchers. However, the compiler provides little explicit information defining the scope of her work. We do not, for example, even know how the author defines 'children's literature' here. Does it include picture books, schoolbooks, and non-fiction? What criteria were used to distinguish between young adult and adult literature? This makes the bibliography somewhat less reliable than it might have been otherwise. Only after using the work does one realize that only little non-fiction is included and that picture books are covered irregularly. (Wilhelm Busch, for example, is not represented, though the Struwwelpeter books are).

Many other inconsistencies of a similar nature can be documented, including the absence of anonymously published works. There are also problems with the date range given in the title: many imprints that appeared before 1840 and after 1950 are included in the bibliography. Additional problems with the work's integrity can be traced to the fact that the compiler relied on other secondary sources in compiling the titles, and thus questions of true comprehensiveness are raised. Nonetheless, the sheer magnitude of this undertaking, of compiling material from so many disparate sources, will bring significant benefits to scholars doing research in this area. [hew/rob]


Illustration und Illustratoren des Kinder- und Jugendbuchs im deutschsprachigen Raum [Illustration and Illustrators of Children's Books in German-Speaking Countries] : 1871 - 1914 ; das Bildangebot der Wilhelminischen Zeit, Geschichte und Ästhetik der Original- und Drucktechniken ; internationales Lexikon der Illustratoren ; Bibliographie ihrer Arbeiten in deutschsprachigen Büchern und Zeitschriften, auf Bilderbogen und Wandtafeln / Hans Ries. - Osnabrück : Wenner, 1992. - 1067 p. ; cm. - ISBN 3-87898-329-8 : DM 435.00

Like the Handbuch zur Kinder- und Jugendliteratur (nr. 95-4-504), this reference work, focusing on children's book illustration during the Wilhelminian period, was a result of research carried out at the Arbeitsstelle für Kinder- und Jugendliteraturforschung at the University of Cologne. The first part of the work is a descriptive history of how the dominant aesthetics of children's illustration at the time derived from techniques used in illustrating children's books. This theoretical part goes into both detailed and extensive descriptions of the various printing methods used to create illustrations, and it has over 900 titles included in a bibliography. The comprehensiveness of this part alone will make it a standard work in the area of children's illustrations in Germany for many years to come. The second part of the work is a bio-bibliography of all the artists who were active in children's book illustration between 1871 and 1914. The compiler makes clear that the work does not intend to replace comprehensive biographical dictionaries like Thieme-Becker or Vollmer. Yet for this short period of some 40 years over 4000 illustrators are covered! Each entry includes bibliographical citations and a chronological listing of each artist's works, with the title and imprint information of the books. The volume possesses an extensive index and reference apparatus, and is well-organized. The work's only serious weakness is the fact that the research to compile the work was based on the Kayser bibliography of printed materials, which is well-known to possess large gaps in the coverage of children's literature. [hew/rob]


Kinder- und Jugendliteratur im Exil [Children's Books in Exile] 1933 - 1950 : eine Ausstellung der Sammlung Exil-Literatur der Deutschen Bücherei Leipzig, 1. Juni 1995 - 9. September 1995. With: Jüdische Kinder- und Jugendliteratur in Deutschland [Jewish Children's Literature in Germany] 1933 - 1938 / [Exhibit and catalog prepared by Andrea Thomalla and Jörg Räuber]. - Leipzig [et al.] : Die Deutsche Bibliothek, 1995. - 151 p. ; 25 cm. - ISBN 3-922051-68-5 : DM 10.00. - (Deutsche Bücherei, Deutscher Platz 1, 04103 Leipzig)

A little researched aspect of German exile literature is the literature written in exile for children during the period 1933-1950. In 1995 the Deutsche Bücherei in Leipzig organized an exhibit on this topic, using material from its important collection on exile literature. The corresponding exhibition catalog covers 320 works by 58 authors and six illustrators, and it is supplemented with a section that describes the concurrent exhibit of Jewish children's literature in Germany between 1933-1938. Both parts of this catalog include substantial descriptive material on both authors and books, with photographs, illustrations, and useful bibliographies of primary and secondary material. While the catalog undoubtedly represents an important contribution to the study of children's exile literature, the catalog also betrays, through the absence of important authors and the lack of references to important works in the field, a somewhat capricious coverage of the scholarship on the subject. [hew/rob]


Augsburger Kinderbücher [Augsburg Children's Books] von 1750 bis 1945 aus der Staats- und Stadtbibliothek Augsburg : Ausstellung der Staats- und Stadtbibliothek Augsburgin Zusammenarbeit mit der Universität Augsburg, 1. bis 20. September 1993 ; Catalog / Ed. by Helmut Gier and Kaspar H. Spinner. Descriptions by Brigitte Scholz. - Augsburg : SoSo-Verlag, 1993. - 59 p. ; 30 cm. - ISBN 3-923914-22-9 : DM 22.00. - (SoSo-Verlag Arno Löb, Schmiedgasse 13, 86150 Augsburg

To accompany the traveling exhibit "Fairy Tale and Toil: Work and the World of Work in Children's and Youth Books from Three Centuries," the Public Library of Augsburg organized a similarly themed exhibition of its own children's books of Augsburger imprints from the same period. The accompanying exhibition catalog highlights 64 of these books, published between 1750 and 1945. Both the exhibit and the book assert Augsburg's status as a significant center of German children's book publishing as late as the first quarter of the 19th century, with only Leipzig, Berlin, and Vienna being more important. Each of the 64 titles has descriptive commentary, and the catalog includes illustrations from many of them. The catalog also features an introduction written by co-editor Spinner. [hew/rob]


Geschichte der Kinder- und Jugendlektüre in Bremen [History of Children's Reading in Bremen] : mit einer Bibliographie bremischer Jugendliteratur aus fünf Jahrhunderten / Michael Nagel. Foreword by Dieter Richter. - Bremen : Edition Temmen, 1993. - 368 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. - (Schriften der Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Bremen ; 3). - ISBN 3-86108-207-1 : DM 45.00

Given the neglect which has characterized academic libraries in their bibliographic treatment of children's literature over the years, regional bibliographies such as this one acquire special significance. Indeed, author Michael Nagel sees in the study of the local and regional circumstances under which children's literature is created, published, distributed, and read a promising methodology for conducting basic research into the genre. Nagel has applied this "local history method" now to the city of Bremen, the important Hanseatic port in northern Germany.

The first part of the book consists of a history of literature for children and young people in Bremen, complemented by a collection of texts which document efforts to promote good reading material for Bremer children in the years before and immediately after 1800. By far the most important part of the volume, however, is the chronologically arranged bibliography which then follows: It consists of 2151 books either published in Bremen or written, edited, or translated by Bremen writers between 1571 and 1989. (In fact, two thirds of all books listed here were published outside Bremen, which never really attained the status of a publishing center.) Short biographical notes on 250 Bremen writers complete the volume, followed by indices of persons, titles, and places of publication.

Despite a number of shortcomings - a number of works are listed in order of the publication of their 2nd or later editions rather than that of their first publication - this book offers interesting insights into the literary significance of this city for children and young people. [hew/jg]


Annotierte Bibliographie der Schweizer Kinder- und Jugendliteratur von 1750 bis 1900 [Annotated Bibliography of Swiss Children's Literature from 1750 to 1900] : Bibliographie annotée de livres suisses pour l'enfance et la jeunesse de 1750 à 1900 / Claudia Weilenmann. With Josiane Cetlin. Compiled by the Schweizerisches Jugendbuch-Institut, Zurich. - Stuttgart : Metzler, 1993. - 582 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. - ISBN 3-476-00891-6 : DM 248.00

Finally there is a carefully compiled annotated bibliography of Swiss children's literature. It has been produced by the Swiss Children's Book Institute, a Zurich research center founded in 1967. For the purposes of this bibliography, "Swiss" has been defined as pertaining to all books published or printed within the borders of modern-day Switzerland, written by Swiss authors, or that have as a major theme or location Switzerland or a Swiss topic. "Children's literature" is also carefully defined, ruling out many pedagogical and religious publications which are often included in more casual treatments. In all, 4009 titles are included, arranged by author, representing all four national languages (65.5% German, 29% French, 1.5% Italian, 3% Romansch). A total of eight indexes provide access from many different angles.

The bibliography has sought to be comprehensive, but it is also meticulously accurate. The compilers relied upon existing bibliographies only as a source of "raw title" information. Armed with this, they then sought out copies of the books in Swiss libraries and composed accurate bibliographic entries. (More titles could have been examined had German libraries also been visited, but the limited finances of the project probably precluded this.)

The coverage especially of French-language and Romansch children's literature represents a special achievement, since this work has never been approached before. As if this were not enough, the clear delimitation of the material to be covered, the understandable user instructions, and the numerous indexes make this worthy bibliography very easy to use. [hew/jg]


Alte Kinderbücher gedruckt in Wesel [Old Children's Books Printed in Wesel] : [Städtisches Museum Wesel, Galerie im Centrum, 3 February - 24 March 1991] / Historische Vereinigung Wesel e.V. With articles by Vera Bendfeldt et al. and a bibliography by Helmut Scheffer. - Wesel : Historische Vereinigung Wesel, 1991. - 92 p. : ill. ; 22 x 24 cm. - ([Weseler Museumsschriften] ; [29]). - Correct name of the compiler of the bibliography : Helmut Scheffler. - Bibliography p. 73 - 92. - (Out-of-print)

In celebration of the 750th anniversary of the city, the Wesel Historical Association assembled an exhibit of the children's books published by Wesel publishers Bagel and Düms. The catalog of this exhibition contains interesting articles on various aspects of Wesel children's literature over the centuries, such as the pedagogical intentions of the authors, the uses of children's books for religious instruction, gender role conventions, political indoctrination, and illustration - enough to show that Wesel's children's books of the 19th and early 20th centuries were not much different than elsewhere in Germany at the time.

Separate "comprehensive bibliographies" of the production of Bagel and Düms are revealed upon even cursory comparison with titles mentioned in the articles - not to mention with the truly comprehensive Gesamtverzeichnis des deutschen Schrifttums - to be quite incomplete. The lack of familiarity of the bibliography's compiler with conventions of German catalogs has led to numerous, at times quite egregious errors. This part of the work is therefore to be used with some caution.

The publication is nevertheless attractively produced with numerous color illustrations, giving a good sense for the appearance of children's books in Wesel. [hew/jg]


Pfui, ruft da ein jeder [Yuck, Says Everyone] : alte Kinderbücher aus der Vordemann-Sammlung der Universität Göttingen ; Ausstellungskatalog / Ed. Wolfgang Wangerin [A Project of the Research Group on Historical Children's Books of the Education Department, Göttingen University, with Support from the Göttinger Tageblatt]. - Göttingen : Druckhaus Göttingen, 1992. - 132 p. ; 24 cm. - DM 35.00 (hbd.), DM 26.00 (pbk.). - (Druckhaus Göttingen, Dransfelder Str. 1, 37079 Göttingen)

Around the turn of the last century, a school superintendent in Einbeck (Lower Saxony) named Karl Vordemann began to collect historical children's books. His daughters continued his collection for decades and then bequeathed it to the College of Education in Göttingen, which was later merged into the university.

The title of this lavishly produced catalog recalls the famous line from Heinrich Hoffmann's notorious book for misbehaving children, Struwwelpeter. The exhibition it was produced to accompany, first shown in 1989, features 200 of the collections 1500 mostly pre-1914 titles, "selected to provide as diverse a representation as possible of periods, genres, and currents." Several essays introduce their topic, of special note the articles by exhibit organizer Wolfgang Wangerin ("Images of Childhood in Old Children's Books") and Günter Lange's introduction to children's books with historical motifs, "Glorious Portraits of German Greatness."

The volume has a wide range of virtues, including a bibliography of 200 secondary texts, 100 illustrations (62 of them in color), excellent indexes. Yet among the most intriguing features of this catalog is the fact that one quarter of the books described could be located in no other existing bibliography, making it a guide to many books which are perhaps unique to the Vordemann Collection. [hew/jg]


Kinder- und Jugendbücher der Aufklärung [Children's Books of the Enlightenment] : aus der Sammlung Kaiser Franz' I. von Österreich in der Fideikommissbibliothek an der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek / Johanna Monschein. - Salzburg [et al.] : Residenz-Verlag, 1994. - 302 p. : numerous illus. ; 29 cm. - ISBN 3-7017-0778-2 : ÖS 1800.00

In the course of preparing a general exhibit of historical children's books for the Austrian National Library a number of years ago, the compiler discovered a small trove of children's books belonging to Kaiser Franz II (1768 - 1835), the last Holy Roman Emperor. 85 of these books were included in that exhibit (cf. the exhibit catalog, Europäische Kinderbücher vom 15. bis zum 19. Jahrhundert. Wien : Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, 1979), but now a separate work has been published documenting all 187 books of this remarkable collection.

It is not clear to what purpose the emperor created this collection.. Shortly before his death, Franz assigned it to a special part of his library, "Pedagogy," and ordered that it be held in trust for his male heirs. But the books show virtually no signs of wear or even use - perhaps they were later regarded as old-fashioned. They were, in any case, assembled with great expertise - and of course sparing no expense - and represent much of the children's canon of the German-language Enlightenment, including the most noted works by Campe, Funke, Salzmann, Schröckh, Schlözer and Wünsch, all in the finest editions. Interestingly, adventure and travel writers are absent totally, as are fables, fairy tales, songs, and legends.

Each title is described bibliographically and annotated briefly, with a biographical note on the author. In the historical section, four works are singled out for special attention - among these Der Kinderfreund by Christian Felix Weiße - one of the few works in the collection that shows clear signs of having been used. 160 illustrations (half in color) further enhance the value of this catalog as a fine portrait of an Enlightenment children's book collection. [hew/jg]


Die Kinderbuchsammlung Bettina Hürlimann [The Children's Book Collection of Bettina Hürlimann] : Gesamtkatalog / Ed. Ruth Fassbind-Eigenheer. With biogr. notes compiled by Regine Schindler-Hürlimann. - Zürich : Schweizerisches Jugendbuch-Institut, 1992. - 408 p. ; 28 cm. - ISBN 3-9520242-0-1 : SFr. 185.00. - (Schweizerisches Jugendbuch-Institut, Zeltweg 11, CH-8032 Zürich)

Bettina Hürlimann (1909 - 1983), daughter of publisher Gustav Kiepenheuer and husband of publisher Martin Hürlimann, was an impassioned collector of children's books. Her superb collection of over 4000 titles reflected an expert knowledge of the field gathered first as picture book editor at her husband's firm, Atlantis-Verlag, and later as an active and well-known figure on the international children's book scene. Upon her death, the heirs honored her wish that her collection be devoted to research purposes, and they presented it to the Swiss Children's Book Institute in Zurich. Just eight years later, the institute has succeeded in publishing this complete catalog of the Hürlimann Collection. The work is an impressive accomplishment, both by virtue of its tasteful design and for the exacting bibliographic standards maintained throughout.

The catalog begins appropriately with a biography of the collector, written by her daughter Regine Schindler and drawing on the mother's own diaries. There is then an overview of the history of the collection and a presentation of its finest pieces compiled by Ruth Fassbind-Eigenheer. To respect the personal quality of the collection, the entries are organizeded just as the books were arranged in the Hürlimann home in Zollikon near Zurich. Groupings include "Non Fiction," "Fables," "Fairy Tales," "Robinsonades," and "Struwwelpeter." Atlantis-Verlag's own children's books number 184 titles. Yet even though Swiss children's books are amply represented (352 titles), the largest section of the catalog is made up children's books from all corners of the world, including Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, but also Latin America and East Asia. Indeed, the collector's special relationship to Japanese publishers and illustrators is reflected in the nearly 400 Japanese children's books she owned, and each title has been carefully transcribed, translated, and briefly annotated in this catalog. Indexes allow for easy access to individual titles, regardless where they stood on the Hürlimann bookshelf.

Everything about this catalog is exemplary. Missing author/title information has been supplemented wherever possible. Old illustrative techniques have been described, and illustrator's names often reconstructed on the basis of their monograms. Indeed, this catalog goes far beyond being an inventory of a remarkable collection: It is in fact a general compendium of outstanding German and foreign-language children's literature unsurpassed for accuracy. [hew/jg]


Gertrud Caspari : die Bibliographie der Bücher und anderer bildnerischer Arbeiten / Wolfgang Neubert. With articles by Andreas Bode and Gertraud Müller. - Rudolstadt : Burgart-Presse Henkel, 1994. - 121 p. ; 31 cm. - (Bibliographischer Druck der Burgart-Presse Jens Henkel ; 2). - ISBN 3-910206-13-1 : DM 130.00. - (Burgart-Presse Jens Henkel, Schloßbezirk 1/48-54, 07407 Rudolstadt)

In Germany, monographs and bibliographies which focus on the work of children's book illustrators are rare, especially if the artist illustrated children's books exclusively. In recent decades, only Oscar Pletsch, Sybille von Olfers, Tom Seidmann-Freud, Lothar Meggendorfer, and Else Wenz-Vietor have received much attention of this type, but it has usually been hidden away in journal articles. Against this background, a lavishly produced bibliography devoted to Gertrud Caspari (1873-1948), the artist commonly held to be the pioneer of picture books for small children in Germany, is a very welcome arrival.

Caspari's oeuvre is situated on the threshold of the Buchkunst movement - a historical role which Andreas Bode illuminates in his introductory essay. Compiler Neubert then divides her work into six distinct groups, among them "Picture Books and Illustrated Books," "Games and Advent Calendars," and "Cover and Dustjacket Art." Titles are presented in order by publication year of first editions. Later editions and reprints are covered into the 1980s. A very useful feature of each entry is the size of the printing, which allows inferences concerning popularity of individual titles and marketing strategies of the author's publishers.

A surprising weakness of the bibliography has to do with the fact that almost all entries are based on autopsy, i.e. the inspection of the original works, while those few titles which could not be located physically are given very short shrift - even though they would have been easy to locate in other existing bibliographies. And there are a few gaps to note as well: Of the 28 books Caspari created with rhymes and texts by Adolf Holst (1867-1945), Neubert lists only 25. These shortcomings do not reduce the achievement of this work, however, which represents a substantial and (with 55 color illustrations) attractive publication on a notable artist for children. [hew/jg]


Wie finde ich Normen, Patente, Reports [How Do I Find Standards, Patents, Reports] : ein Wegweiser zu technisch-naturwissenschaftlicher Spezialliteratur / Hans-Joachim Bresemann ; Jürgen Zimdars ; Detlef Skalski. - 2nd updated edition. - Berlin : Berlin Verlag Spitz, 1995. - 283 p. ; 21 cm. - (Veröffentlichungen des Instituts für Bibliothekswissenschaft und Bibliothekarausbildung der Freien Universität Berlin) (Orientierungshilfen ; 12). - ISBN 3-87061-440-4 : DM 78.00

This guide, newly edited and expanded by specialists in scientific and technological standards, patents, and reports, is an excellent tool for both librarians and researchers. It not only describes how and where to find scientific standards, patents, and reports, but also discusses what they are and why they are important. Only an inadequate index detracts from the value of this work. [sh/ldb]


Index translationum. Cumulative index since 1979 / database production: Sector for Culture. - Paris : UNESCO. - ISSN 1020-1386. - (UNESCO, 7, Place de Fontenoy, F-75352 Paris 07 SP) 1994. - 1 CD-ROM. - ISBN 92-3-002962-9 : FF 1100.00

This CD-ROM version of the Index translationum (covering 1979-1992) contains over 600,000 belletristic titles culled from national bibliographies and libraries in UNESCO's cultural division. The trilingual database (English, French, Spanish) can be searched in three different modes. The expert mode allows Boolean operators and kwic searches, and there are multiple search fields. The main drawback to this product, which was also true for the print version, is its lack of currency. [sah/ldb]


Die italienische Literatur im deutschen Sprachraum [Italian Literature in German-Speaking Areas] : Ergänzungen und Berichtigungen zu Frank-Rutger Hausmanns Bibliographie / Alberto Martino. - Amsterdam [et al.] : Rodopi, 1994. - 525 p. ; 24 cm. - (Chloe ; 17). - ISBN 90-5183-644-9 : Hfl. 200.00

In this volume Alberto Martino provides a revised edition of and supplement to Frank-Rutger Hausmann's bibliography of Italian literature in German speaking areas, Bibliographie der deutschen Übersetzungen aus dem Italienischen von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart (Tübingen, 1992) (reviewed in IFB 93-3/4-136). Martino adds 619 new translations to Hausmann's 1194 and includes significantly more manuscript material, literary works, and works included in anthologies than does Hausmann. This work provides an interesting, if incomplete, look at the reception of Italian writings in German-speaking countries. [sh/ldb]


Moderne japanische Literatur in deutscher Übersetzung [Modern Japanese Literature in German Translation] : eine Bibliographie der Jahre 1868-1994 / Jürgen Stalph; Gisela Ogasa, Dorte Puls. - München : Iudicium-Verlag, 1995. - xvii, 255 p. ; 23 cm. - (Bibliographische Arbeiten aus dem Deutschen Institut für Japanstudien der Philipp-Franz-von-Siebold-Stiftung ; 3). ISBN 3-89129-394-1 : DM 38.00

This bibliography is a revision of the 1987 edition, and it now covers 1200 translations (1032 titles by 300 authors). It also includes prose texts that were first translated from another language into Japanese, but excludes juvenile and children's literature and titles that were published by book clubs. No explanation is given why Japanese lyric poetry was omitted. Entries contain the name of the author in Hepburn transcription and in the original Japanese; the author's birth and death dates; the date of the first publication and of any literary prizes; the title of the translation; the translator; publisher, location and date; but no information on pagination nor whether the translation was published separately. The entries are consecutively numbered; reprints of a work are grouped under one number. There are occasional annotations and an instructive preface that also lists the numbers of translations by decades (most were published between 1970 and 1994). There are indexes of the Japanese and German titles, of the original sources (including anthologies and periodicals) and of the translators. This is a good bibliography and one hopes that it will be continued and expanded to include more literary genres as well as coverage of translations made before 1868. [sh/lrd]


Bibliografia przekladsw z literatury niemieckiej na jezyk polski 1800-1990 [Bibliography of German Literature in Polish Translation 1800-1990] / Edyta Polczynska ; Cecylia Zalubska. - Poznan : Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza. - 24 cm. - (Seria filologia germanska / Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu ; ...). - ISBN 83-232-0600-7 (vols. 1-3). - (Kubon & Sagner, Munchen)

vol. 2. 1919-1939. - 1994. - 128 p. - ISBN 83-232-0624-4 : DM 26.00 (Kubon & Sagner)

This bibliography, when completed, will cover almost 200 years of German-Polish literary relations. Other volumes will deal with the periods 1800-1918 and 1945-1990. The present volume, which covers the period 1919-1939, is divided into three sections. Section one covers separately published translations of works by German authors into Polish. Section two deals with Polish anthologies (some that are separately published and some that are parts of larger works) that include translations from German. Section three deals with separately published works about German literature, primarily works written in Polish but also a few titles translated from other languages into Polish. There is an index of translators, a list of the original German titles and a list of the German authors. When completed, this bibliography will considerably facilitate research into German-Polish literary relations, although the true picture of this relationship will only be complete when the bibliography is extended to include translations that are contained within other publications. [sh/lrd]


Polnische schöne Literatur in deutscher Übersetzung, 1900-1992/93 [Polish Belles Lettres in German Translation, 1900-1992/93] : Bibliographie / Ingrid Kuhnke. - 2nd. rev. and substantially expanded ed. - Mainz : Liber-Verlag, 1995. - iv, 370 p. ; 21 cm. - (Mainzer slavistische Veröffentlichungen ; 18). - ISBN 3-88308-064-0 : DM 72.00

Translations from Polish into German are generally well documented, partly because of Kuhnke's earlier bibliography (1975) that covers the translations that appeared between 1900 and 1971. The current volume and its predecessor are based on catalogues that were maintained until 1933 in the Deutsche Staatsbibliothek of German translations of Slavic and Baltic literatures. All the titles from the 1st edition have been incorporated into the second, together with new titles (monographs, parts of collections of texts, and translations that were published in magazines), some of which were not recorded by the Deutsche Staatsbibliothek. This bibliography is divided into several sections for anthologies, folklore, and individually published works. In the case of reprints, only the date of the last reprint is given, which makes it difficult to study the history of the reception of Polish literature in German-speaking lands. Most of the translations were published after 1900 and most of the authors who were translated lived in the late 19th or 20th centuries (with the significant exception of A. Mickiewicz). The index of translators is somewhat cumbersome to use, but there is a useful preface that explains the selection criteria for this bibliography and its relationship to the published bibliographies of German translations of literary texts from the former Soviet Union and other former East Bloc countries. [sh/lrd]


Türkische Literatur in deutscher Sprache [Turkish Literature in German] : eine Bibliographie mit Erläuterungen / [by Tayfun Demir with assistance from Carl Koss. A project in collaboration with the Stadtbibliothek Duisburg]. - Duisburg, 1995. - 111 p. ; 30 cm. - ISBN 3-89279-510-X (Stadt Duisburg, Amt fur Statistik) : no price given. - (Sekretariat für Gemeinsame Kulturarbeit in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Friedrich-Engels-Allee 85, 42285 Wuppertal; available for exchange with other libraries from: Stadtbibliothek Duisburg, Düsseldorfer Str. 5-7, 47049 Duisburg)

This bibliography is one of a series of titles focusing on translations of contemporary literatures into German that has been issued by the Duisburg public library since the 1950s. The volume dealing with Turkish literature was first published in 1987 and has now been expanded beyond a simple catalogue of the titles held in the Duisburg library to a comprehensive (though not exhaustive) bibliography of German translations of contemporary Turkish literature (with a few, selected older titles) and of Turkish authors who write in German. The literature of Turkish emigré writers in German is well documented elsewhere, and it is largely omitted here. There is brief information about each author, a list of separately published titles or works that are parts of larger collections, and brief annotations about the texts themselves. There are separate sections for folklore and for anthologies, as well as a list of secondary literature. Regrettably, however, there are no indexes. [sh/lrd]

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