Pseudonyme [Pseudonyms] : ein Lexikon ; Decknamen der Autoren deutschsprachiger erzählender Literatur / Jörg Weigand. - 2nd, improved and enlarged ed. - Baden-Baden : Nomos-Verlagsgesellschaft, 1994. - 421 p. ; 23 cm. - ISBN 3-7890-3526-2 : DM 28.00

It might be more accurate to designate this "improved" edition as "in need of improvement." Although its preface states that it confines itself to pseudonyms of authors of popular literature primarily after 1945, in fact, many earlier authors are included. There are numerous omissions and mistakes. [hak/mrh]


Selten und gesucht : Bibliographien und ausgewählte Nachschlagewerke zur erotischen Literatur [Rare and In Demand: Bibliographies and Selected Reference Works on Erotic Literature] / Compilation of bibliographies and selection of illustrations by Franz Bayer and Karl Ludwig Leonhardt. - Stuttgart : Hiersemann, 1993. - XI, 416 p. ; 28 cm. - (Hiersemanns bibliographische Handbücher ; 10). - ISBN 3-7772-9301-6 : DM 560.00, DM 480.00 (Subscription price)

This work surpasses Terence Deakin's Catalogi librorum eroticorum (London, 1964) both in accuracy and comprehensiveness. The 582 titles listed here have all been seen and verified -- no small feat, considering that many of them are rare. The illustrations, some of which are in color, are particularly remarkable. After the main body of the text, arranged by categories such as bibliographies of bibliographies, library catalogs, publishers' and booksellers' catalogs (a hard-to-find category), etc., there is a chapter about the history of manners and customs. There are author, title, publisher, and subject indexes. Annotations are descriptive and critical; some present information that corrects or clarifies previous opinion; there are numerous cross references. Besides printed works, a few manuscripts are included, and some effort was made to describe works from the Orient. This is a dependable work, free of error, attractively printed, indeed, an exemplary bibliography. [hw/mrh]


Bibliotheca erotica : sive apparatus ad catalogum librorum eroticorum (ad usum privatum tantum) / Jose Antonio Cerezo. - Madrid : Ediciones El Museo Universal, 1993. - XIII, 338 p. ; 20 cm. - ISBN 84-88427-07-7 : Ptas. 4697

This is a catalog, arranged alphabetically by author, of all kinds of publications that have something to do with erotica, excluding, however, original works of erotic literature and art. Included in the catalog are resources such as dictionaries, documents, essays and anthologies; general bibliographies that include erotica; and bibliographies specifically of erotica. Given the broad scope, one could have included thousands of titles, but there are only 684 entries, followed by numerous, unnumbered addenda. The catalog is arranged alphabetically by author and there are brief title and name indexes. The author clearly did not have access to all of the items cited; many of the entries are undependable and incomplete. Moreover, there is an overwhelming number of mistakes, oversights, and typographical errors, especially in German and English names and titles. As interesting as this book is, it cannot be recommended as a bibliographical resource. [sh/mrh]


Le pubblicazioni minori e non convenzionali [Minor Publications and Grey literature] : guida alla gestione / Alessandro Sardelli. - Milano : Editrice Bibliografica, 1993. - 214 p.; 21 cm. - (Bibliografia e biblioteconomia ; 45). - ISBN 88-7075-358-1 : Lit. 30,000

The author of this work is well prepared to discuss grey literature, since he was responsible for this material in the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale in Florence for a number of years. The four chapters cover the definition of the various aspects of this genre, primarily with reference to English and Italian studies; libraries and data bases; library and documentary treatment of this material, especially with regard to citing it; and aspects of its physical management and conservation. The volume ends with a selective bibliography of English and Italian monographs and essays. [sh/mrh]


Bibliographie der brasilianischen Literatur [Bibliography of Brazilian Literature]: Prosa, Lyrik, Essay und Drama in deutscher Übersetzung / ed. by Klaus Küpper in collab. with Ray-Güde Mertin. - Frankfurt am Main : TFM Ferrer de Mesquita, 1994. - XVIII, 301 p. ; 21 cm. - ISBN 3-925203-40-0 : DM 68.00

More Portuguese literature from Brazil is translated into German than literature from Portugal. The Bibliographie der brasilianischen Literatur replaces the Brazilian section of the Bibliographie der aus dem Spanischen, Portugiesischen und Katalanischen ins Deutsche übersetzten Literatur, 1945-1983 (Niemeyer, 1985), and expands it by including bibliographies appearing in periodicals and anthologies. It has the advantage over older bibliographies in that it includes not only translations published separately, but also those found in journals or anthologies, and the coverage goes back as far as the 19th century. The bibliography is arranged alphabetically by author, then by title of the German translation. Basic biographical information is given for authors; full bibliographic data are included for each title. A key for accessing materials in anthologies and a listing of references to secondary literature are provided in respective appendices. There are also index of translators, editors, and publishers, and a bibliography of secondary literature. Because these translations go out of print relatively quickly, the work below, Literatur aus Brasilien, is a welcome record of the status of the included titles as of August, 1994. [sh/mrh and jb]


Literatur aus Brasilien [Literature of Brazil]: übersetzte lieferbare Bücher / ed. by Klaus Küpper in collab. with Ray-Güde Mertin. - Frankfurt am Main : TFM Ferrer de Mesquita, 1994. - 69 p ; 21 cm. - ISBN 3-925203-39-7 : DM 10.00

Literatur aus Brasilien provides a listing of German translations of Brazilian literature still in print as of August 1994. This work is divided into sections on independent publications, those in anthologies, fairy tales and myths, books on the theater, for children and youth, and secondary literature. There is also an appendix dedicated to teaching materials. Titles are annotated and biographical materials on the authors are included. There is no index. [sh/jb]


Quellen [Sources]: zeitgenössische Literatur aus Afrika, Asien und Lateinamerika in deutscher Übersetzung / ed. by Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Literatur aus Afrika, Asien und Lateinamerika e.V. - Frankfurt. - 21 cm. - (Gesellschaft, Reineckstr 3, 60313 Frankfurt)

6. 1994/95. - 251 p. - DM 6.00

Since 1982 this bibliography has provided information about the availability of German translations of contemporary literature of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Arranged by continent or cultural group, and then by country and author, Quellen provides full bibliographic data, including original title and translator. There is an author index, as well as a listing of publishers, but no index of translators. [sh/jb]


Gesamtverzeichnis der Übersetzungen deutschsprachiger Werke: (GVU) ; Berichtszeitraum 1954 - 1990 = Bibliography of translations of German-language publications / ed. by Willi Gorzny. - München [etc.] : Saur. - 30 cm. - ISBN 3-598-22536-9 : DM 5,400.00

vol 10. Sprachenregister [Index of Languages] A - Z. - 1995. - V, 425 p. - ISBN 3-598-22546-6
vol 11. Namenregister [Index of Names] A - K. - 1995. - 463 p. - ISBN 3-598-22547-4
vol 12. Namenregister [Index of Names] L - Z. - 1995. - p. 467 - 943. - ISBN 3-598-22548-2

See IFB 94-3/4-119 for a review of volumes 1 - 7 of this work. Volumes 8 and 9 covering the Neu - Z section of the alphabet were published in 1994, and the indexes discussed here came out in 1995. Volume 10 is a list of translated works reproduced in the alphabet of the original language, of which there are 93. The listings include bibliographic data such as author, title, and year of publication.

Volumes 11 and 12 provide an index of names of authors, publishers, editors, illustrators, translators, etc. for the works mentioned in volumes 1 - 10. Reference is to main entry with additional information about the original language and year of publication. [sh/jb]

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