Dizionario delle opere classiche : DOC [Dictionary of Classical Works] ; intestazioni uniformi degli autori, elenco delle opere e delle parti componenti, indici degli autori, dei titoli e delle parole chiave della letteratura classica, medievale e bizantina / Vittorio Volpi. - Milano : Editrice Bibliografica, 1994. - Vol. 1 - 3 ; 30 cm. - (Grandi opere ; 8)

Vol. 1. Abaelardus - Gurhedenus. - 1994. - XXVI, 899 pp. - ISBN 88-7075-349-2 : Lire 350,000
Vol. 2. Haager - Zosimus. - 1994. - pp. 903 - 1817. - ISBN 88-7075-399-9 : Lire 350,000
Vol. 3. Indici. - 1994. - p. 1821 - 2749. - ISBN 88-7075-388-3 : Lire 350,000

In a time when scholarly editions of primary texts from antiquity and the middle ages are reaching high levels of completeness and accuracy, and at a time when secondary scholarship mirrors the availability of those texts, the business of tertiary involvement is developing: i.e., normative indexing for catalogs, bibliographies and databases is expanding. The Dizionario delle opere classiche: DOC is a cumulative index of classical (Greek and Latin) and medieval texts alphabetized by author or anonyma. It fails to take into account the most recent work of the Personennamen des Mittelalters (PMA), especially the online version, and of the Personennamen der Antike (PAN). The strength of DOC is as a normative file for names and uniform titles as expressed--with some inconsistencies--in Latin. The uniform titles offer a valuable classification tool, particularly for the middle ages. Information about a work itself, however, does not always stem from an acceptable scholarly edition, and thus DOC cannot be used in a scholarly context, e.g., for manuscript cataloging. The seven sub-indexes to the main one offer scattered possibilities for discovery, but seem basically superfluous. Despite the criticism, Vittorio Volpi must be admired for his industry. [cf/rdh]

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