Dictionar enciclopedic [Rumanian Encyclopedia]. Bucuresti : Editura Enciclopedica.

Vol. 1. A-C. - 1993. - xvi, 509 p.: ill. - ISBN 973-45-0046-5 : Lei 4700, DM 173.00 (Kubon & Sagner, München)

This first volume (of an anticipated four-volume set) is the first Rumanian encyclopedia to be published after Ceaucescu's overthrow. It follows in the footsteps of the one-volume Mic dictionar enciclopedic [Short Encyclopedia], from the same publisher under the former name Editura Stinitifica si Enciclopedica, which went through three editions (1972, 1979, 1986). The content is essentially the same as that of the old version, and new articles replace, rather than supplement, the old. The most obvious difference is the reduced coverage given to Ceaucescu; formerly accorded 12 columns (four pages plus illustrations), he now receives treatment in just half a column, in which the corruptive political influence of his wife Elena (formerly accorded her own entry of 6 columns) is mentioned. The illustrations of this new work are, if it is at all possible, even worse than in older editions. Most entries are kept to an informational minimum and do not point to secondary sources. Still, most libraries will want to purchase this new edition. [sh/sd]

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