Lexikon der Abkürzungen [Dictionary of Abbreviations] : über 50000 Abkürzungen, Kurzwörter, Zeichen und Symbole / comp. and ed. by Heinz Koblischke. - Gütersloh : Bertelsmann-Lexikon-Verlag, 1994. - 552, VIII p. ; 25 cm. - ISBN 3-570-01604-8 : DM 49.80

Replacing the Grosse Abkürzungsbuch (1980) by the same authors, this Lexikon contains less than the 50,000 abbreviations claimed in the subtitle. It aims to be an extensive reference work on abbreviations for expert and layman alike, but it includes geographical names and concepts, foreign organizations, names of companies, etc. only selectively. Its strong points are the inclusion of explanations for many of the abbreviations and the section on signs and symbols, such as Roman numerals, astronomical signs, etc., which are presented in table format. Missing, however, is a listing of works consulted and information about the formation and orthography of abbreviations. This Lexikon is on the whole a useful work and complements more specialized ones on specific areas, such as corporations, journal titles, and the like. [sh/jb]


Duden-Oxford-Bildwörterbuch Deutsch und Englisch [Duden-Oxford Pictorial Dictionary German and English] / ed. by the Dudenredaktion und Oxford University Press. (Ed. coordinator: Werner Scholze-Stubenrecht). - 2nd newly rev. and updated ed. - Mannheim [etc.] : Dudenverlag, 1994. - 677 p. ; 23 cm. - ISBN 3-411-05512-X (Bibliographisches Institut) - ISBN 0-19-864501-5 (OUP) : DM 58.00

This newly revised second edition replaces the 1981 first edition and is based on the monolingual Bildwörterbuch der deutschen Sprache of 1992. The illustrations used in the new dictionary will often be familiar since they originate from the same corpus of illustrative material used in previous editions or in other picture dictionaries published by Duden and/or Oxford. The reuse of illustrations does not detract from the accuracy of the dictionary, however, since the basic form of most things has not changed in the last few years. Though the nostalgic quality of some of the illustrations is unmistakable, their slightly dated feel is not distracting. [sh/jb]

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