Mönchtum, Orden, Klöster [Monasticism, Orders, Monasteries] : von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart ; ein Lexikon / ed. by Georg Schwaiger. - 2nd, rev. ed. - München : Beck, 1994. - 482 p. ; 21 cm. - ISBN 3-406-37314-3 : DM 39.80


Kleines Lexikon des Mönchtums [Concise Lexicon of Monasticism] / by Johanna Lanczkowski. - Stuttgart : Reclam, 1993. - 280 p. ; 15 cm. - (Universal-Bibliothek ; 8867). - ISBN 3-15-008867-4 : DM 10.00

Most of the 303 articles in Schwaiger's lexicon (the first edition of which appeared in 1993) were written by the editor himself; the others by seven professor-colleagues in Munich. Of varying lengths, they cover monastic orders and other organizations (all Christian but including both Catholic and Protestant) as well as general terms. There are no articles about people or specific monasteries, and there is no index to find references to these that appear in more general articles. The articles are not grouped logically, and lack uniformity. Figures for the size of congregations are mostly from 1990. Some articles have bibliographies; the shorter ones do not. This is a useful lexicon for lay people.

Reclam's lexicon complements the Beck work in many ways. It has considerably more but shorter articles, many of which do cover people and specific monasteries. One appendix lists names of the German orders, with their acronyms and Latin manifestations. The lexicon is intended for readers interested in general history as well as the specialist. [sh/mrh]


Encyclopaedia Judaica. Decennial book / [ed.: Geoffrey Wigoder]. - Jerusalem : Encyclopaedia Judaica. - 32 cm. - (Keter Publishing House, POB 7145, Jerusalem 91071)
1983/92. Events of 1982/92. - 1994. - IX, 429 p. - ISBN 965-07- 0396-9 : $120.00 (to the USA)

The Encyclopaedia Judaica is the most comprehensive reference work about all aspects of Jewish life, but the basic set was published in 1971. Yearbooks are cumbersome to use, so the editors have selected material from them in decennial volumes. This volume, covering the period 1982-1992, is shorter than the 1991-92 yearbook, and the selection criteria are not specified. The three parts are a chronology (without illustrations); five special articles of varying quality; and the main part, "New Facts, New Entries." At the end are a necrology, a glossary, and an index. Much information is still only in the yearbooks; a comprehensive index of all the basic set, all the yearbooks, and the two decennial volumes is urgently needed. [sh/gh]


Judaica Reference Sources : a selective, annotated bibliographic guide / Charles Cutter ; Micha Falk Oppenheim. - 2nd ed. - Juneau, Alaska : Denali Press, 1993. - 224 p. ; 23 cm. - ISBN 0-938737-31-7 : $35.00. - (The Denali Press, P.O. Box 021535, Juneau, AK 99802-1535, USA)

The second edition of this guide limits itself to reference works, in contrast to the first edition (1982), which also listed many introductory monographs. The book is meant for English-speaking users in general and for collection development librarians. It includes mostly works in English and Hebrew and emphasizes publications from the period 1975 to 1992--a total of 888 works with short descriptive annotations. It is especially useful for collection development and as a supplement to specialized guides. [sh/gh]


Hebrew Printed Books in the British Library. - London : British Library. - 28 cm.
Supplementary catalogue 2. 1893-1960. Prepared for publication by Diane Rowland Smith based on the work of David Goldstein ... - 1994. - Vol 1-2. XI, 1136 p. - ISBN 0-7123-0241-7 (set) : £ 225.00

Printed works in Asian and Near Eastern languages are excluded from many published catalogs of major libraries. This is the third catalog of Hebrew books held by the British Library (the first two have been reprinted) and covers publications acquired between 1893 and 1960. By this date the library owned about 24,000 books in Hebrew. Their catalog is arranged by author (transliterated names) with some formal categories like Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, Periodical publications, and Talmud. The entries are brief, like those in the British Library General Catalogue. [sh/gh]


Escritores judeo-argentinos [Judeo-Argentine Writers] : bibliografia 1900-1987 / Ana E. Weinstein ; Miryam E. Gover de Nasatsky. - Buenos Aires : Editorial Milá, 1994. - (Investigaciones). - ISBN 950-2829-52-8 - DM 128.00 (Vervuert, Frankfurt). - (Editorial Milá, Pasteur 633, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

This bibliography lists 10,066 numbered titles by 191 Argentine Jewish authors (past and contemporary) who write belle-lettres in Spanish. The biographies are scanty and the photographs poor, but the bibliographies are apparently complete. An appendix lists publications about the authors. Only two of the authors are also listed in Autorenlexikon Lateinamerika. [sh/gh]


A Bibliography of Australian Judaica / comp. by Serge Liberman ; ed. by Laura Gallou. - 2nd rev. ed. - Sydney : Mandelbaum Trust and the University of Sydney Library, 1991. - 257 p. ; 23 cm. - (Studies in Judaica ; 4) - ISBN 0-86758-379-7 : Aus$20.00 plus Aus$5.00 postage - (Archive of Australian Judaica, The Univ. of Sydney, Fisher Library, N.S.W. 2006, Australia)

This bibliography aims to be comprehensive and replace the few available bibliographies on Judaism in Australia and New Zealand. It lists monographs but not (for the most part) periodical articles. Approximately 3,000 titles with brief annotations are included and arranged in the following sections: belles-lettres by Jewish authors, the Jew in Australian literature, the arts, miscellaneous and general, education, biography, genealogy, history, Judaism, and Jewish visitors to Australia. There are author and title indexes. The bibliography will be useful until a better one replaces it. [sh/gh]


The Jews of Dynastic China : a critical bibliography / Michael Pollak - Cincinnati, Ohio : Hebrew Union College Press, 1993. - XIV, 236 p. ; 23 cm. - (Bibliographica judaica ; 13). - ISBN 0-87820-911-5 : $24.95

It is not widely known that Jews settled very early on in China. The West learned about their settlements for the first time through the Jesuit and missionary Matteo Ricci (1552-1610). Three bibliographies on this theme were compiled by the German emigré to China, Rudolf Löwenthal [1]. This new Pollak bibliography supplements them. It registers 334 titles in many languages with annotations. Included are monographs as well as periodical and newspaper articles. The work also provides name and subject indexes for the works included here for the first time as well as for the bibliographies of Löwenthal.

[1] The bibliographies appeared in 1939, 1940, and 1946 as contributions to Chinese periodicals, and were reprinted in 1988 in The Sino-Judaic Bibliographies of Rudolf Löwenthal / ed. by Michael Pollak - Cincinnati, Ohio : Hebrew Union College Press, 1988. - XIII, 208 p. ; 23 cm. - (Bibliographica judaica ; 12). - ISBN 0-87820-910-7 $20.00. [sh/tk]


Jüdisches Adressbuch für Gross-Berlin, Ausgabe 1931 [Jewish Directory for Greater Berlin, Edition 1931] with a foreword by Hermann Simon. - Reprint. - Berlin : Arani-Verl., 1994. - [IV], 180, 448, 39 p. ; 28 cm. - ISBN 3-7605-9653-8 : DM 168.00

This reprint makes available the 1931 edition which is held by few libraries. The foreword to this reprint says nothing about the production of the first editon and how it came about, but the foreword to the first edition does state that the inclusion of names was based soley on membership in Jewish congregations. The central body of the work consists of an alphabetical listing of names with addresses and statements about professions of about 71,000 persons. By no means is this an inclusive count of the 200,000 Jews living in Berlin at the time. This is because the editor included only the heads of Jewish households. In many respects more useful than the alphabetical listings are the facts presented about outstanding Jewish personalities, such as Albert Einstein, Jewish museums, communities, newspapers, and miscellaneous organizations. [sh/tk]


Jüdische Stiftungen in Frankfurt am Main [Jewish Foundations in Frankfurt am Main] / M.-J.- Kircheim'sche Stiftung Frankfurt a.M. ; ed. by Arno Lustiger. Biographischer Teil mit Kurzbiographien jüdischer Stifter, Politiker und Mäzene mit Beitr. von Hans Achinger...Sachteil mit der Beschreibung von Stiftungen, Organisationen, Vereinen und Schenkungen dargest. von Gerhard Schiebler. - Nachdruck der Ausg. Frankfurt, Kramer, 1988. - Sigmaringen : Thorbecke, 1994. - 422 p. ; 25 cm. - ISBN 3-7995-0407-9 : DM 39.00

Although Berlin's Jewish community of 200,000 members outranked Frankfurt am Main's (30,000), Frankfurt was the leader in terms of the number of important Jewish foundations and institutions of various sorts, from orphanages to sport clubs, educational foundations, art museums, and student organizations, to name but a few categories. This work by Schiebler lists no fewer than 941 organizations. Some are dealt with in greater detail than others. Following the listing of organizations, useful biographies of members of 14 prominent Frankfurt families are also included. Unfortunately the name index at the conslusion of the volume treats only the first part of the work concerning the foundations. [sh/tk]


Geschichte und Leben der Juden in Leipzig [History and Life of the Jews in Leipzig] / ed. by the Ephraim-Carlebach-Stiftung Leipzig. - Berlin : Arani-Verlag, 1994. - [Vol. 1-3] in case ; 23 cm. - IBSN 3-7605-8657-0 (set) : DM 98.00
Jüdisches Jahrbuch für Sachsen und Adreßbuch der Gemeindebehörden, Organisationen und Vereine, 1931/32, Ausg. Leipzig [Jewish Yearbook for Saxony and Directory of Congregation Officials and Organizations]. - New ed. / with a foreword by Hardy Fraenkel. - 1994. - [8 leaves], 188 p. ; 22 cm. - ISBN 3-7605-8661-9
Festschrift zum 75jährigen Bestehen der Leipziger Gemeindesynagoge, 1855-1930, Leipzig [On the 75th Anniversary of the Leipzig Synagogue, 1855-1930] - New ed. / with a foreword by Fred Grubel. - 1994. - [8 leaves], 88 p. ; 22 cm. - ISBN 3-7605-8662-7
Leipziger jüdisches Jahr- und Adreßbuch, 1933 [Leipzig Jewish Yearbook and Directory of 1933]. - New ed. / with a foreword by Rold Kralovitz. - 1994 - [8 leaves], 90 p. ; 22 cm. - ISBN 3-7605-8663-5

This three-volume set contains three reprints of titles which deal with the Jewish community of Leipzig. Only the first and the third are truly reference sources. Although Saxony in general is covered in the first volume, the main concentration is on Leipzig. Its chapter five is important in that it provides descriptions of Jewish organizations. The third volume concentrates on a name list of about 5,300 Leipzig Jewish households which made up a population of about 11,500. Its section on Jewish institutions is limited to names and addresses, without further information on purpose and activities. [sh/tk]


Auswahlbibliographie zur jüdischen Familienforschung [Selected Bibliography on Jewish Genealogy] : vom Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts bis zur Gegenwart / Angelika G. Ellmann-Krüger. - Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 1992. - 202 p. ; 24 cm. - ISBN 3-447-03318-5 : DM 68.00

This work consists of a bibliography of 2,396 unannotated monographs and essays divided into thirteen chapters. Genealogies, family histories, regional and local history, and daily life in Jewish communities are topics covered. Numerous indexes are provided, which however are sometimes overly complicated for quick reference checking. Nonetheless, this represents a carefully prepared bibliography, which is useful not only for genealological research, but also as a select bibliography for the history of Jews in Germany. Included are also many English titles, such as the Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society. [sh/tk]


Jewish Printing in Wilhermsdorf : a concise bibliography of Hebrew and Yiddish publications, printed in Wilhermsdorf between 1670 and 1739, showing aspects of Jewish life in Mittelfranken three centuries ago based on public and private collections and Genizah discoveries / by Moshe Nathan Rosenfeld. With an appendix "Archival notes" / by Ralf Rossmeissl. - London : Rosenfeld, 1995. - X, 250, 19 p. ; 30 cm. - ISBN 0-9525634-0-1 : DM 160.00. - (M.N. Rosenfeld, 83 Darenth Rd., London N16 6EB, UK - Haus der Fränkischen Geschichte, Burg 16, 91183 Abenberg)

>From 1670-1690, and from 1712-1739 a Jewish press specializing in devotional literature in Hebrew for Jewish congregations existed just to the west of Fürth, in the small town of Wilhermsdorf. This bibliography includes 238 imprints from the press, 47% of which are held by the Bodelian Library, and 44% by the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem. This work is an indispensable source of information on imprints which were destroyed during the Nazi period, and which (because they are in Hebrew) have been excluded from large retrospective bibliographies. [sh/tk]


Bibliographie des jüdischen Schrifttums in Deutschland [Bibliography of Jewish Writing in Germany] : 1933-1943 / Henry Wassermann. With the assistance of Joel Golb ... Prepared for the Leo Baeck Institut, Jerusalem. - München, etc. : Saur, 1989. - XXVII, 153 p. ; 25 cm. - (Bibliographien zur deutsch-jüdischen Geschichte ; 2). - ISBN 3-598-10750-1 : DM 148.00

The bibliography lists 1401 consecutively numbered monographs, including minor as well as some unpublished writings, that appeared between 1933 and 1943 in the German Reich of 1933 (excluding publications from Austria after the "Anschluss"). The entries meet three criteria: 1) the authors are Jewish (writings by baptized Jews are not considered); 2) the topic must concern Judaism (excluded are the numerous contributions by Jews to all sciences, unless they were published by a Jewish publisher); 3) the writings are intended for a Jewish audience. Antisemitic writings are not included. Most titles are German-language; the Hebrew titles listed at the end of the German alphabet amount to only 73. The notes give sources for contemporary reviews, references to further sources and publication histories, and the fate of the publications. The bibliography contains a subject index and the detailed introduction deals with various aspects of Jewish publishing activity during the time of National Socialism. [sh/rm]


Bibliographie zur Geschichte der Juden in Bayern [Bibliography of the History of Jews in Bavaria] / Falk Wiesemann. - München [etc.] : Saur, 1989. - XV, 263 p. ; 25 cm. - (Bibliographien zur deutsch-jüdischen Geschichte ; 1). - ISBN 3-598-10832-X : DM 58.00 (out of print)

The bibliography lists 2,913 consecutively numbered titles in 29 subject and field-of-specialization groups, for the most part further subdivided and of very uneven coverage, and including many sections of general introductory publications. Almost half the titles belong to the sections dealing with regional history (i.e., publications about individual parts of Bavaria), local history (alphabetical by place) and biography (a very limited selection, according to the foreword; alphabetical by person). The bibliography is based on the analysis of other bibliographies, particularly regional ones, and most titles, according to the foreword, were personally examined by the compiler. Title descriptions are brief, unfortunately lacking information about length. There is a very limited selection of both journal and newspaper articles, and occasionally also of sources for special types of buildings or cemeteries. The bibliography is indexed by person, place, subject and author; due to a lack of references in the body of the bibliography, it is essential to consult the place index in order to locate all works about a particular locale. The large number of typewritten, not widely distributed works is no small merit of this bibliography, even when the acquisition of these works is difficult, if not impossible, in that they document an essential part of the current turn towards Jewish regional and local history. [sh/rm]


Bibliographie zur Geschichte der Juden in Hamburg [Bibliography of the History of Jews in Hamburg] / Michael Studemund-Halévi. - München, etc. : Saur, 1994. - XIV, 255 p. ; 25 cm. - (Bibliographien zur deutsch-jüdischen Geschichte ; 5). - ISBN 3-598-11178-9 : DM 148.00

The grand total of 3507 consecutively numbered titles for a territory considerably smaller than Bavaria, for which the previously reviewed bibliography (IFBA 95-3-370) lists 2,913 titles, may be surprising at first glance. The reason for the high number, in addition to different selection criteria (e.g., the consideration of archival materials), lies above all in the large Jewish population of Hamburg and in the former religious sanctuaries of Altona and Wandsbek. A notable feature is the description of the significance of Portuguese Jews to the history of Judaism in Hamburg. The titles were selected from other bibliographies, library catalogs and relevant journals and newspapers. One must infer from the foreword that the number of titles selected without being personally examined by the compiler is sizable; occasionally one wonders where to locate a title, since evidently the compiler himself was unsuccessful. It is difficult to reconstruct a classification system from the arrangement of titles in the unevenly covered subject and field-of-specialization groups. A peculiarity is that the numerous titles concerning persons are not united in one section, but scattered throughout the bibliography, so that some are found in the special sections for rabbis and cantors, others in the subject group corresponding to the person's branch of study. The two indexes cover 1) authors and associated people and 2) subjects, persons and places. [sh/rm]


Bibliographie zur Geschichte der Juden in Hessen [Bibliography of the History of Jews in Hesse] / compiled by Ulrich Eisenbach, Hartmut Heinemann and Susanne Walther. - Wiesbaden : Kommission für die Geschichte der Juden in Hessen, 1992. - XIV, 341 p. ; 25 cm. - (Schriften der Kommission für die Geschichte der Juden in Hessen ; 12). - ISBN 3-921434-14-9 : DM 39.00. - (Kommission ..., Mosbacher Str. 55, 65187 Wiesbaden)

This bibliography, which does not appear in the same series as the previously reviewed regional bibliographies (IFBA 95-3-370/371), but in the renowned series of the Kommission für die Geschichte der Juden in Hessen, lists 2504 titles. As with the previously reviewed bibliographies, the geographical literature is not united in one section, but classified according to time period or subject, so that it is again necessary to consult the combined person/place/subject index. Authors are listed in a separate index. The reason the number of entries is not higher is due less to the exclusion of unpublished examination papers than to the fact that pre-1977 literature about Frankfurt Jews before 1945 was, sensibly, not considered, since it is already accessible through Bibliographie zur Geschichte der Frankfurter Juden, 1781-1945 [Bibliography of the History of Frankfurt Jews, 1781-1945] (Frankfurt am Main : Kramer, 1978). [sh/rm]


Bibliographie zur Geschichte der Juden in Schlesien [Bibliography of the History of the Jews in Silesia] / by Margret Heitmann and Andreas Reinke. A joint project of the Salomon Ludwig Steinheim Institute and the Historical Commission in Berlin. - München [etc.] : Saur, 1995. - 254 p. ; 25 cm. - (Bibliographien zur deutsch- jüdischen Geschichte ; 6). - ISBN 3-598-11230 : DM 148.00

Trying to get a grip on the geographic area of Silesia for this bibliography was difficult; the attempt has been made to list "contributions to German-Jewish Silesian history" in both German and Polish. The 2,746 numbered titles include monographs and articles. The classification system used is similar to the one for Hesse (IFBA 95-3-372). It includes indexes of 1) authors and editors and 2) subjects, places and persons. The second index also includes short title entries for the publications entered under title, which doesn't add to the convenience of use. [sh/hh]


Bibliographie zur Geschichte der Juden in der Schweiz [Bibliography of the History of the Jews in Switzerland] : based on the work of Annie Fraenkel / edited and updated by Uri R. Kaufmann. - München [etc.] : Saur, 1993. - XX, 151 p. ; 25 cm. - (Bibliographien zur deutsch- jüdischen Geschichte ; 4) - ISBN 3-598-11139-8 : DM 60.00

In addition to listing the literature on the history of the Jews in Switzerland, this bibliography has a noteworthy section on source materials. Annotations are lengthy. The relatively low number of titles, 1576, is due to the fact that titles already listed in existing multivolume bibliographies on Swiss history and geography are not repeated here. A separate section for local history, by place name, would have been helpful, as would the consolidation of the two sections containing biographical essays. Includes indexes of 1) persons, 2) places, 3) key words, and 4) authors. [sh/hh]


Germania Judaica. - Tübingen : Mohr. - 24 cm. - Parallel text in Hebrew

Vol. 3. 1350-1519 / ed. by Ayre Maimon ... commissioned by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem
Part 1. Ortschaftsartikel Aach - Lychen. - 1987. - XXX, 769 p. - ISBN 3-16-745107-6 : DM 248.00
Part 2. Ortschaftsartikel Mährisch-Budwitz - Zwolle. - 1995. - VI p., p. 771-1752. - ISBN 3-16-146093-6 : DM 318.00

The topographical reference guide, Germania Judaica, in contrast to its French counterpart, Gallia Judaica, is still not completed, after almost a century of work. The first volume, covering the history of Jewish settlement in Germany up to the year 1238, appeared in two installments in 1917 and 1934. Even after the Nazi's rise to power, work on volume 2 continued: many articles however were confiscated and therefore lost. Those materials which could be saved were given over to the Leo Baeck Institute in Jerusalem, which took over the continuation of the project, and in 1963 published a revised edition of volume 1 as well as volume 2, which covers the years 1238-1350.

Most of the articles are short; the longer ones follow the same outline in discussing the history of Jews and Jewish culture in the particular towns. A few lines of biographical information about well-known persons are also included. Sources are well documented, and some longer articles also provide a bibliography. [sh/erh]


Juden in Oberschlesien [Jews in Upper Silesia] / Peter Maser ; Adelheid Weiser. - Berlin : Mann. - 25 cm. - (Schriften der Stiftung Haus Oberschlesien : Landeskundliche Reihe ; 3)

Teil 1. Historischer Überblick; Jüdische Gemeinden [ Historical Overview; Jewish Communities] (1.) - 1992. - 228 p. - ISBN 3-7861-1635-0 : DM 68.00

This volume is the first of a series on "Judaism in Upper Silesia" put out by the Foundation "Haus Oberschlesien" and contains a short historical overview (which does not include the period after 1945) followed by a topographical study of nine major Upper Silesian towns: Beuthen, Bielitz, Gleiwitz, Kattowitz, Königshütte, Kreuzburg, Oberglogau, Oppeln, Sohrau. The illustrations (p. 157-224) are worthy of mention. Studies of other towns are planned for this series, as are biographical and bibliographical volumes. [sh/erh]


Reiseführer durch das jüdische Deutschland [Traveler's Guide to Jewish Germany] / Peter Hirsch ; Billie Lopez. Transl. from the English by Leopoldine Schnabl. - First ed. - München : Kovar, 1993. - 271 p. : ill. ; 21 cm. - Orig. title: A traveller's guide to Jewish Germany. - ISBN 3-925845-35-6 : DM 38.00

This travel guide was ostensibly translated from the English original (which is not to be found in Books in Print or the Blackwell Title Index) and intended for survivors of the Holocaust who returned to Germany to visit monuments of Jewish culture that survived the war and have been recently restored. The guidebook is organized alphabetically by major cities. There tends to be duplication of information on certain monuments, but the monuments of the former GDR are given less attention than those found in the West. The quality of the photographs is poor, as is that of the binding. Nonetheless, since Jewish monuments are so under-represented in conventional travel guides, this work serves a useful purpose. [sh/erh]


Sterbebücher von Auschwitz : Fragmente = Death Books from Auschwitz = Ksiegi zgonów z Auschwitz / edited by the State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau [Ed. Jerzy Debski ... Transl. Michael Jacobs ... ]. German ed. - München [etc.] : Saur. - 25 cm. - ISBN 3-598-11262-9 : DM 498.00

1. Berichte [Reports]. - 1995. - 317, 214 p. : ill. - ISBN 3-598-11263-7 : DM 198.00
2. Namensverzeichnis [List of names] A-L. - 1995. - 751 p. - ISBN 3-598-11275-0 (vols. 2 and 3) : DM 396.00 (with vol. 3)
3. Namensverzeichnis [List of names] M-Z. - 1995 - p. 755-1653. - ISBN 3-598-11275-0 (vols. 2 and 3) : DM 396.00 (with vol. 2)

The term "Auschwitz" stands for genocide in the 20th century, and the publication of the Sterbebücher von Auschwitz must be seen as a way of remembering the victims. The first volume, appearing in German, English and Polish versions, contains an introduction and reports from surviving prisoners, bibliographies and 214 pages of photographs of prisoners, the camp and of the "entry lists" and "death lists". Volumes 2 and 3 contain 1,653 pages of names based on entries found in extant "death books," which were only one form of death lists that were kept. These 69,000 names were entered into a database, alphabetized and printed. There is no accompanying index and the bibliography is also inadequate for research purposes. [ah/erh]


Anglo-Jewish Bibliography. - London : Jewish Historical Society of England. - 25 cm. - (The Jewish Historical Society ..., 33 Seymour Place, London W1H 5AP, United Kingdom)

1971/90. - Comp. by Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann. Ed. and augmented by Stephen W. Massil and Peter Shmuel Salinger. - 1992. - [VII], 377 p. - ISBN 0-902528-26-2 : £ 42.00

This bibliography is based on materials collected by Ruth P. Lehmann and follows the format of her preceding volume (Anglo-Jewish Bibliography 1937/70. London, 1973). It includes sections on bibliographies, periodicals, Jewish community life and Jewish organizations, Jewish themes in literature, and biographical materials. The titles are not annotated, but selected reviews are cited. Unfortunately, the ca. 5,600 titles are not consecutively numbered, so that only page numbers are given for items cited in the general index. [sh/erh]


La cultura ebraica nell'editoria italiana (1955-1990) [Judaica Published in Italy (1955-1990)] : repertorio bibliographico / [ed. by Centro di Cultura Ebraica della Communità Ebraica di Roma. Coordinamento ... : Bice Migliau]. - Roma: Ministerio per i Beni Culturali e Ambientali, Direzione Generale per gli Affari Generali Amminstrativi e del Personale, Divisone Editoria, 1994. - V, 482 p. ; 24 cm. - (Quaderni di Libri e riviste d'Italia ; 27). - ISBN 88-240-0475-X (Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato) : Lit. 50,000 - (Ministerio ..., Via del Collegio Romano 27, I-00186 Roma)

This inventory should be seen as a complementary volume to the already existing bibliographies of Judaism in Italy, notably the Bibliografica italo-ebraica, Bibliotheca historica italo-judaica and Biblioteca italo-ebraica. It includes references to monographs published in Italy between 1955 and 1990 on various aspects of Jewish life in Italy in the past and present. It should be noted that references to works of Jewish authors translated into Italian that do not appear in the other above-mentioned bibliographies can be found in this bibliography. [sh/erh]


Bibliografie over het jodendom en Israël voor het Nederlandse taalgebied [Bibliography of Jewry and Israel for the Dutch Language Area] / comp. by Hanna Blok & Devorah Hersch. - Leuven : Bibliotheek van de Faculteit der Godgeleerdheid, 1992. - XII, 243 p. ; 24 cm. - (Instrumenta theologica ; 10). - ISBN 90-73683-07-6 - ISBN 90-23901-91-6 : FB 800.00. - (Bibliotheek ..., St.-Michielsstraat 6, B-3000 Leuven)

An annotated bibliography of some 1,100 (chiefly Dutch) titles, cumulated from the literature surveys for the years 1985-1991 contained in the journal Ter herkenning: tijdschrift voor christen en jooden. It covers Jewish studies in general as well as works pertaining to Dutch Jewry. [sh/rs]


Bibliography of the Jews in Romania / comp. by Jean Ancel and Victor Eskenasy. The Goldstein-Goren Centre for the History of the Jews in Romania. - Tel Aviv : Diaspora Research Institute, Tel Aviv University, 1991. - 125, 50 p. ; 23 cm. - (Publications of the Diaspora Research Institute ; 82). - ISBN 965-338-007-9 : [DM 25.00]. - (Diaspora ..., POB 39040, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel)

An unannotated bibliography of monographs and essays (the majority of which are in Hebrew) with emphasis on post-1945 titles. [sh/rs]


Evreiskaia pressa na russkom iazyke : bibliograficheskii spravochnik = Jewish Press in Russian / Vladimir Karasik. - Moskva. - 29 cm
Vyp. 3,1. Rossiia, 1986-1992. - 186 p. - ISBN 5-86014-061-4 : DM 60.00 (Kubon & Sagner)

This is the first volume of a planned multi-volume bibliography of the Jewish press in Russia and the Soviet Union and the Russian-language Jewish press in other countries. It is an interesting specialized bibliography which covers many titles not to be found in the official Soviet or Russian bibliographies and provides additional detail for other titles. The partial volume under review covers the Russian-language Jewish press in Russia for the period 1986-1992. It contains 79 items arranged by geographic location, with separate Russian and English indexes (titles, persons, corporate authors, places). [sh/rs]


Spanish and Portuguese Jewry : a classified bibliography / comp. by Robert Singerman. - Westport, Conn. ; London : Greenwood, 1993. - XVI, 720 p. ; 24 cm. - (Bibliographies and indexes in world history ; 30). - ISBN 0-313-25752-3 : $ 95.00

This bibliography continues an earlier compilation by the same author (The Jews in Spain and Portugal : a bibliography / Robert Singerman. - New York ; London : Garland, 1975). Despite its 5,446 titles, this is a select bibliography with special emphasis on local and regional history and Jews (as authors and subjects) in Spanish and Portuguese literature. As in the earlier bibliography, works on the Hebrew language, Jewish philosophy, and Rabbinic literature, as well as the literature about Jews exiled from Spain and Portugal after 1492 are excluded. [sh/rs]


Guía española de bibliografía judaica [Spanish Guide to Jewish Bibliography] / Uriel Macías Kapón. - Barcelona : Comisión Nacional Judía Sefarad 92 ; Riopiedras, 1992. - 125 p. ; 24 cm. - ISBN 84-7213-120-3 (Riopiedras) : Ptas. 1320.00

A select bibliography of Spanish-language monographs aimed at the lay person interested in Jewish culture. [sh/rs]


Biographia judaica Bohemiae [Bohemian-Jewish Biography] / Rudolf M. Wlaschek. - Dortmund : Forschungsstelle Ostmitteleuropa, 1995. - XII, 249 p. ; 23 cm. - (Veröffentlichungen der Forschungsstelle Ostmitteleuropa an der Universität Dortmund : R. B ; 52). - ISBN 3-923293-47-X : DM 45.00. - (Forschungsstelle ..., Universität Dortmund, Emil-Figge-Str. 50, 44227 Dortmund)

Biographical (and to some extent bibliographic) information on Jewish scholars, authors, politicians, etc. born or at some time active in Bohemia. Useful for basic information about lesser- known persons. [sh/rs]


Bibliographia Hungarica-Judaica : 1945 - 1990 = Magyar-zsidó bibliográfia / Dan Dalmat. Készült a The American Joint Distribution Committee, Hungarian Office támogatásával. - Budapest : Géniusz, 1991. - 188 p . ; 25 cm. - ISBN 963-7708-00-6 : Ft. 280.00, DM 35.00 (Kubon & Sagner)

A bibliography of 610 (almost exclusively Hungarian) monographs. Of greatest interest should be the section on the history of Hungarian Jewry. [sh/rs]


Magyar zsidó hírlapok és folyóiratok bibliográfiája = Bibliography of Hungarian Jewish Newspapers and Journals / Scheiber Sándor. - Budapest : MTA Judaisztikai Kutatócsoport, 1993. - 417 p. ; 25 cm. - (Hungaria Judaica ; 3). - ISBN 963-7450-77-7 : DM 49.00 (Kubon & Sagner)

This bibliography, produced at the Center of Jewish Studies at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, is further evidence of the growing interest in Jewish culture in the previously Communist countries. It lists 485 Hungarian Jewish periodicals chronologically by first year of publication, with fairly thorough information (e.g., editors, publishers, title changes, and holding libraries.) Includes indexes of 1) titles; 2) Hebrew titles; 3) personal names; 4) place names; 5) corporate bodies; and 6) printers. [sh/hh]


The Concise Dictionary of American Jewish Biography / Jacob Rader Marcus, ed. - Brooklyn, NY : Carlson. - 29 cm. - ISBN 0-926019-74-0 : $200.00
Vol. 1. A-K. - 1994. - XIX, 350 p.
Vol. 2. L-Z. - 1994. - XV p., p. 353-711

Not so much a dictionary as an index to other Jewish and general biographical reference works, this volume lists very brief biographical data for about 24,000 American Jews, including emigrants who resided only temporarily in the U.S. With few exceptions, only people who died before 1985 have been included. Types of source materials cited (and they are exclusively English-language sources) include 1) Jewish encyclopedias; 2) biographical reference books, retrospective as well as current; 3) the Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society, which were published from 1893 to 1961.

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