Zeitschriften-Inhaltsdienst Theologie [Theology Periodical Abstracting Service] = Indices theologici / Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen, Theologische Abteilung. - Tübingen : Universitätsbibliothek. - 29 cm. - ISSN 0340-8361. - (UB Tübingen, Theologische Abt., Postfach 2620, 72016 Tübingen)

21 (1995),1 -. - DM 33.00, DM 55.00 (foreign orders), DM 45.00 (individual foreign orders)

The explosion of electronic indexing and storage has now reached the field of theology, providing great benefits to scholars. The University of Tübingen Library for the past 20 years has provided valuable content analysis of journals in theology Zeitschriften-Inhaltsdienst Theologie (ZID). As of 1995 this data is being stored in electronic form. This technology allows for improvements in how articles are indexed and formatted, as well as makeing it possible to abstract more journals than previously.

Another benefit is the announcement that this data will also be available in machine readable format. Currently, the paper version of the ZID remains the most useful; however, once retrospective conversion of the data is complete (it is planned that backfiles to 1975 will eventually be made available), the decision whether print or electronic format is best will need to be reconsidered.

Collaboration with the American Theological Library Association is underway and will eventually lead to making a CD-ROM for German data available. [ar/msc]


Magyar katolikus lexikon [Hungarian Catholic Encyclopedia] / [Foszerkeszto: Diös Istvän]. - Budapest : Szent Istvän Tärsulat. - 25 cm. - ISBN 963-360-727-2. - (Szent Istvän Tärsulat, Kossuth Lajos u. 1, 1053 Budapest)

Vol. 1. A - Bor. - 1993. - LVIII, 948 p. - ISBN 963-360-718-3 : Ft.-price not given, DM 125.00 (Kubon & Sagner)

The Magyar katolikus lexikon (MKL) is published by the Hungarian St. Stephans Society, which published the second oldest Hungarian encyclopedia, Egyetemes magyar enciklopedia [Universal Hungarian Encyclopedia] in 1859-76. The first volume of the MKL appeared in 1993 -- in the same year as the more general Hungarian encyclopedia, Magyar nagylexikon (RREO 95-2-186.)

The MKL, aimed at confession-oriented users, covers the history of Hungarian Catholicism. The ratio of Hungarian-related to other material is 40 to 60. Non-European topics are limited to those involving the missionary work of the Catholic Church.

Articles longer than six lines are signed, followed by highly abbreviated references. The paper used resists aging (acid-free). Black and white photographs, and some color illustrations appear scattered throughout the text. The large amount of information about people and places in Hungary included in this encyclopedia extends its usefulness far beyond the scholar of theology and religion. Recommended for theological and larger academic libraries. [et/msc]

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