Duden "Grammatik der deutschen Gegenwartssprache" [Grammar of Contemporary German] / Ed. by Günther Drosdowski with Peter Eisenberg ... - 5th, completely rev. and expanded ed. - Mannheim [et al.] : Dudenverlag, 1995. - 864 p. ; 20 cm. - (Der Duden ; 4). - ISBN 3-411-04045-9 : DM 36.00

This standard grammar is a major reference work which attempts to strike a balance between prescriptive and descriptive grammar, and in doing so is less stringent than the previous edition (1980). It also makes greater use of contemporary linguistic theory. However, it is no easier to use than the editions which preceded it. The user must first have a grasp of very fundamental and specific grammatical terminology in order to locate the desired information, knowledge that can no longer be taken for granted. However, with repeated use and lots of browsing, it becomes easier to find one's way around. In spite of its drawbacks, it is a fundamental work and a necessary acquisition. [wb/al]


Systematische Bibliographie der deutschen Rechtschreibbücher [Systematic Bibliography of German Books on Spelling] / Britta Stanze. - Egelsbach [et al.] : Hänsel-Hohenhausen, 1994. - vi, 220 p. ; 21 cm. - (Deutsche Hochschulschriften ; 1045). - From Die orthographischen Regelbücher des Deutschen (Osnabrück, Univ., Diss., 1994.) - ISBN 3-8267-1045-2 : DM 64.00

This independently published bibliography is the second part of a 1994 dissertation on spelling books. It is divided into 14 sections. These include spelling dictionaries, orthographical rulebooks, misspelled word dictionaries, comparisons between old and new spellings, as well as spelling books in miniature formats.

A condensed chronological overview lists the relevant dictionaries from 1880 to 1994, followed by the extensive bibliographical section which represents nothing less and nothing more than the author's bibliographic card file for her dissertation (including sources that were not used). Annotations would have been helpful, and the bibliographic information is not always reliable. Altogether it is not clear why this bibliography was published separately. [kwl/al]

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