Einfürung in das Studium der slavischen Philologie [Introduction to the Study of Slavic Philology] : Geschichte, Inhalte, Methoden / Norbert Franz. - Darmstadt : Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1994. - VI, 196 p. ; 22 cm. - (Die Literaturwissenschaft). - ISBN 3-534-12007-8 : DM 49.00

An introduction to a subject area is generally meant for beginning students, and some sections of Franz's book do not seem to fit this scheme, such as his lengthy treatise on the meaning of science and his thoughts on reform of the Slavic studies curriculum. The most appropriate sections for students are the brief descriptions of the individual Slavic languages and the literature lists under them. The most photocopied section may well be the directory of institutions with Slavic studies programs, complete with names of faculty, addresses, telephone numbers, and library collections. The book shows additional weaknesses in its many typographical and factual errors. A project such as this one should not be attempted by one individual, but rather by a panel of experts with an editor in charge. Overall, it does not live up to its purpose, and cannot be recommended as an introduction to Stavic studies. [wk/hh]

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