Bibliographie der deutschen Grammatiken und Orthographielehren [Bibliography of German Grammars and Orthography Books] / Claudine Moulin-Fankhänel. - Heidelberg : Winter. - 25 cm. - (Germanische Bibliothek : Reihe 6, Bibliographien und Dokumentationen ; N.F., ...)

1. Von den Anfängen der Überlieferung bis zum Ende des 16. Jahrhunderts / with collaboration by Ursula Götz. With a preface by Rolf Bergmann. - 1994. - 245 p. : Ill. - ISBN 3- 8253-0225-3 : DM 78.00. - (... ; 4)

The aim of this important bibliography is to provide the foundation for the historical study of German grammars and orthography. The present volume includes mainly published works from the 15th and 16th century. (A second volume covering the 17th century will be published soon, and a third for the 18th century is in preparation.) It complements other recent works (Kommentierte Bibliographie zur deutschen Orthographietheorie und Orthographiegeschichte im 19. Jahrhundert / Michael Schlaefer. - Heidelberg : Winter, 1980; Systematische Bibliographie der deutschen Rechtschreibbücher/ Britta Stanze. - Egelsbach : Hansel-Hohenhausen, 1994).

The volume begins with a detailed introduction, followed by alphabetically ordered entries for 26 authors, representing a total of 41 works, most appearing in numerous editions. The earliest work listed is by Steinhowel (1473), the latest by Hulsius (1596). One anonymous work from the period is also included. Each entry begins with a bibliographic sketch of the author, followed by complete bibliographic information of all the editions of the selected works, including information on modern editions. Secondary literature, grouped thematically, is given next. Each entry closes with a facsimile page from the works discussed. The volume ends with a complete list of cited works and several indexes: library, personal name, printer, and publisher.

A chronological ordering of the works included by the first edition, instead of an alphabetical listing by author, would probably have been more appropriate. Inclusion of a chronological index at least would have been helpful. More troubling, however, is the incomplete information on library holdings. Also regrettable is the decision to include only those works relating directly to grammar or orthography for each author, instead of a complete coverage of all of the authors' works, as originally planned. [kwl/msc]

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