Kommentierte Bibliographie zur Geographie [Annotated Bibliography of Geography] / ed. by Hans H. Blotevogel and Heinz Heineberg. With Wilfried Bach ... - Paderborn [etc.] : Schöningh. - 19 cm. (UTB für Wissenschaft : Uni- Taschenbücher ; ...). - 1. ed. published as: Bibliographie zum Geographiestudium by Hans H. Blotevogel

1. Konzeption und Methodik der Geographie ... [Concept and Methodology of Geography ...]. - 2nd completely rev. ed. - 1995. - XIX, 436 p. - (... ; 1686). ISBN 3-8252-1686-1 (UTB) - ISBN 3-506- 99422-0 (Schöingh) : DM 39.80

A useful selective bibliographic introduction to the field of geography, revised and updated, that lists monographs, but also essays, in English and German. The signed annotations are descriptive, sometimes evaluative, and not always sufficiently informative. Some important titles are missing. By (regrettable) central European tradition, there is only a name, not a subject index. The place index is unreliable. [sh/sl]


Andree, Stieler, Meyer & Co. : Handatlanten des deutschen Sprachraums (1800 - 1945) nebst Vorläufern und Abkömmlingen im In- und Ausland ; bibliographisches Handbuch / by Jürgen Espenhorst. With a foreword by Lothar Zögner. - Schwerte : Pangaea-Verlag, 1994. II, 432 p. ; 22 cm. - ISBN 3- 930401-33-9 : DM 150.00. - (Pangaea-Verlag, Villigster Str. 32, 58239 Schwerte)

The title of this bibliographic guide to German "hand-atlases" -- the precursor of the modern world atlas -- bears the names of the three most important of the 53 atlas "families" whose titles are listed here. Each edition is described in detail. Although not exhaustive, this work is important for librarians, antiquarian dealers, and collectors. [wc/sl]


Bibliografie van de geschiedenis van de kartografie van de Nederlanden = Bibliography of the history of cartography of the Netherlands / Peter van der Krogt ; Marc Hameleers ; Paul van den Brink. - Utrecht : HES, 1993. - 418 p. ; 24 cm. - ISBN 90-6194- 158-X : Hfl. 69.50

The significance of Dutch cartography in the history of this discipline is well known, and has been recently underscored again in Geschiedenis van de kartografie van Nederland by Cornelis Koeman (2nd ed., 1985). The present bibliography, which in a sense complements Koeman's work, contains over 4,500 titles arranged in nine broad categories, such as bibliographies and collections, biographies, and map technology, which also includes the newest developments in cartography. Author, personal name and regional indexes supplement the transparent topical arrangement within the nine categories. [wc/hh]


Bibliographie der historischen und Reiseliteratur zur Iberischen Halbinsel [Bibliography of Historical and Travel Literature on the Iberian Peninsula] : ein annotiertes Inventar der Fürstlichen Bibliothek Corvey / ed. and with an intro. by Andreas Ruppert. - 1st ed. - Paderborn : Igel-Verlag Wissenschaft, 1994. - 185 p. ; 21 cm. - (Literatur- und Medienwissenschaft ; 25) (Paderborner Studien zur romanischen Philologie ; 4). - ISBN 3-927104-86-8 : DM 148.00

In the course of the systematic cataloging of the 60,000 volumes of popular literature from the 18th and 19th centuries in the library at Corvey Palace, several topical bibliographies are emerging. This one analyzes the collection's 500 titles of historical and travel literature about Spain and Portugal from the 15th century to about 1850. Works are in German, English and French, with a special appendix of German novels published between 1800 and 1850. Within the broad categories (historical, travel, Spain, Portugal), the subdivision is chronological according to period of coverage. Many entries are annotated. A thorough author index is included. [awh/hh]

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