DB-95-3 -- AFRICA


Dictionary of Portuguese-African Civilization. - London ; Munich [etc.] : Zell. - 24 cm

Vol. 1. From Discovery to Independence / Benjamin Nez. - 1995. - XXI, 532 p. - ISBN 1-873836-10-4 : 65.00, DM 198.00 (K. G. Saur, Mnchen)

A guide to Portuguese-African colonial history for anglophone users, intended to supply the most important information about all areas of life. However, this is done almost exclusively through the evaluation of secondary and tertiary literature, primarily in Portuguese and English. It is on a par with the Historical Dictionary of Portugal from Scarecrow Press, discussed negatively in IFB94-3/4-569 (not abstracted in IFBA). No more can be expected from the pending biographical volume of this encyclopedia. At best, the two volumes might be recommended for American libraries serving students whose study of Portuguese colonial history does not require language proficiency. [sh/mm]

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