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Brandenburgische Bibliographie [Brandenburg Bibliography] : Neuerscheinungen der Jahre 1989/90 mit Nachträgen aus früheren Jahren / ed. by Dorothee Gessner. - Potsdam : Stadt- und Landesbibliothek Potsdam. - 21 cm. - Published as Brandenburgische Literatur until vol. 19 (1988). - ISSN 0232-6639. - (Stadt- und Landesbibliothek Potsdam, Postfach 601464, 14414 Potsdam)

20. 1989/90 (1994). 294 p. - DM 10.00

This regional bibliography covers the pre-unification districts of Cottbus, Frankfurt/Oder and Potsdam. From 1991 on there will be a new geographic arrangement. There are eight subject chapters, but none devoted to people or places. For these one has to use the name and place index. There is no subject or keyword index. [sh/hsb]


Serbska bibliografija = Sorbische Bibliographie [Sorbian Bibliography]. - Bautzen : Domowina- Verlag. - 24 cm. - (Schriften des Sorbischen Instituts; ...)

1986/90 Cylkowna red. Franc Sen. - 1. nakl. - 1994. - 383 p. - (... ; 7). - ISBN 3-7420-1584-2. DM 49

This volume is the latest 5 year cumulation of this series, which started in 1945/57. It attempts to be comprehensive for Sorbian language materials and also covers Sorbian language and culture as a discipline. It includes monographs, journal articles and reviews with many brief annotations. Except for 1945/57 and 1966/70 all volumes are still in print. [sh/hsb]


Schweizer Lexikon [Encyclopedia of Switzerland] : in sechs Bänden. - Luzern: Verlag Schweizer Lexikon [1991] - 1993. - Vol. 1 - 6. - 26 cm. - Vol. 1 and 2 published as: Schweizer Lexikon 91. - ISBN (wrong) 3-9520144 : SFr. 1,595.00 - (Verlag Schweizer Lexikon Mengis + Ziehr, Winkelbühl 3, 6043 Adligenswil, Switzerland)

Fully 75% of this 5,100 page encyclopedia are devoted to Switzerland, making it a "national" encyclopedia. It is not to be confused with the 7 volume Schweizer Lexikon published in 1945, which is a "general" encyclopedia. About 2,300 scholars from 300 disciplines contributed signed articles with bibliographic citations. This current effort is very comprehensive and includes many new, mostly colored illustrations. Being so specialized, it does not replace any other encyclopedias. The article on the conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt, for example, is longer than that in the Brockhaus encyclopedia, since he worked in Zurich, although he comes from Berlin. The article on Zaire, besides giving the usual general information, includes details on its Swiss community (370 individuals, of which 100 have dual citizenship). [mvm/hsb]


Allgemeines helvetisches, eydgenössisches oder schweizerisches Lexikon [General Swiss Encyclopedia] / Hans Jacob Leu. Supplement zum allgemeinen helvetisch-eidgenössischen Lexicon Herrn Bürgermeisters Leu / by Hans Jacob Holzhalb. Ed. and with an introductory note by Otmar Seeman. - Erlangen : Fischer, 1992. - 172 microfiches. - (Archiv der europäischen Lexikographie : Abt. 1, Enzyklopädien ; 8). - Microreproduction of the 1747 - 1765 ed. publ. by Denzler, Zürich. - Supplemented by microreproduction of edition publ. by H. J. Holzhalb, Zürich, 1786 - 1795. - Complete set: 15,347 p. - ISBN 3-89131-077-3 : DM 1,380.00

This topographic-historical reference work, the oldest Swiss encyclopedia, was published in 20 volumes between 1747 and 1765. It has now been made available on 172 microfiches by the Harald Fischer Verlag in Erlangen. It contains about 20,000 entries on 11,368 pages. The 6-volume, 3,826 page Holzhalb supplement (also included in the microfiche edition) was added in 1786. The Leu encyclopedia includes, in a single alphabet, articles on Swiss places, landmarks, families, and individuals, as well as some terms from law, politics and commerce of the time. The bibliographies accompanying the articles on individuals are particularly complete and useful. In spite of many inaccuracies, often resulting from family histories supplied by the families themselves, the encyclopedia is generally reliable and surprisingly complete. Evidence of the lasting importance of this work is that it can be found in the reference collection of any Swiss library. The encyclopedia is still valuable today for its content, its reflection of the times, and for facts that can only be found here. Libraries may want to acquire the microfiche set either because they don't own the original or because they wish to protect the old volumes from further use by substituting the microfiche. [mvm/hh]

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