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Westermann-Lexikon Europa [Westermann Encyclopedia of Europe] / Peter Göbel ; Werner Storkebaum. - Braunschweig : Westermann, 1995. - 702 p. : ill., maps ; 20 cm. - ISBN 3-07-509413-7 : DM 49.80

A reference guide to the 45 sovereign nations that now constitute Europe. Each article (in alphabetical order by country) covers basic facts, history, geography, population, economy, etc., as well as "special topics." The photos are necessarily arbitrary, the maps, because of their small size, of little use. [wc/sl]


Bibliography of Printed Works on London History to 1939 / ed. by Heather Creaton. - London : Library Association Publishing, 1994. - xxxiii, 809 p. ; 25 cm. - ISBN 1- 85604-074-4 : £ 80.00, £ 64.00 (LA members)

Given the scope of the undertaking (almost 22,000 listings in this work alone), it is not surprising that a comprehensive bibliography on London has not been published before. Yet based on the collections of London libraries, even this large bibliography must still be regarded as selective. The volume includes works published through 1990, with coverage of London's history up to 1939. Chapters are devoted to topics such as politics, public administration, law, culture, medicine and health. Typographical uniformity makes it difficult to orient oneself in the long listings. There is an author and subject index. A supplemental volume with post-1990 titles is to follow, as well as a volume covering the years 1939-1945. Recommended for all large libraries. [sh/sl]


Notas : reseñas iberoamericanas [Iberian American Reviews] ; literatura, sociedad, historia. - Frankfurt : Vervuert. - 21 cm. - ISSN 0945-8301

0 (1993). - 1 (1994), 1-3. - 2 (1994), 1 = No. 0-4. - DM 80.00 (annually for 3 issues)

Notas is meant primarily as a source of reviews of new publications about the literature, society, and history of the countries in the Iberian peninsula and Latin America. Its publisher also issues an ongoing bibliography on Hispanic studies in German-speaking Europe (Bibliographie der Hispanistik in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Österreich und der deutschsprachigen Schweiz.) The reviews are current, but they hardly cover the field. A sample of the reviews in one issue revealed that the selection of reviewed titles completely ignores publications in some European languages (including French and, even more strangely, Portuguese.) English-language publications were also underrepresented. Books on linguistics and politics were only marginally covered. Coverage focuses on the 19th and 20th centuries, while earlier literary and historical periods are scantily represented. The fact is that the limitations of scope mirror the interests of German Hispanists.

The two essays at the beginning of each issue inadequately introduce the publications subsequently listed. Almost without exception, the reviews are written in Spanish, although by policy they could also be in Portuguese or English. The work is difficult to find one's way around in: each of the four sections (e.g., Literatura, Historia y ciencias) is split between Spain and Latin America, and the arrangement within the groupings follows no recognizable principle, not even alphabetic. This reviewer declined to acquire Notas as a selection tool for his library. Prices are not listed: incomprehensible in a reviewing journal, which should, after all, be a means and not an end unto itself. [sh/ajs]

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