Frauenforschung in Naturwissenschaften, Technik und Medizin [Women's Research in the Natural Sciences, Technology, and Medicine]: Dokumentation und Bibliographie : Literatur, Zeitschriften, Adressen / Margarete Maurer. - Wien : Wiener Frauenverlag, 1993. - 650 p. ; 21 cm. - (Reihe Dokumentation ; 6). - ISBN 3-900399-59-X : öS 440.00, DM 64.00

This bibliography consists of nearly 6,000 titles originating from the 1970s to the middle of 1993. The majority of the entries are German language monographs and essays, but a large collection of gray literature is also included. Of special interest are the chapters on women's groups and research initiatives and projects and institutions in the field of girls/women and science. A detailed 12 page table of contents provides systematic access to the bibliography. Other titles by the same author (Frauenforschung International) are reviewed in IFBA 95-1-113, above. (sh/ldb)


Eine Bibliographie : Literatur über Frauen und ihren Ausschluss aus der Wissenschaft... [A Bibliography: Literature Pertaining to Women and their Exclusion from Science, their Access to Education in Technical Educational Programs and Professions, in Engineering and Natural Sciences, and Feminist Criticism of the Natural Sciences and Technology] / [Editors: Karin Diegelmann ; Agnes Sandner]. - Bremen : Frauen in Technik und Naturwissenschaft, 1992. - 92 p. ; 21 cm. - (Frauen in Technik und Naturwissenschaft ; 3). DM 6.00 - (Karin Diegelmann, Osterfeuerbergstr. 124, 28217 Bremen)

Despite the wealth of literature reviews and bibliographies concerned with women and science, this small, specialized bibliography (751 entries) of primarily German language monographs and essays at least deserves mention. It focuses on conventional and familiar information sources, and could thus be less oppressive than Maurer (95-1-143, above) for some users. [sh/lcb]

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