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Munzinger-Archiv (Computerdatei): Archiv für publizistische Arbeit [Munzinger Archive (Computer file): Archive for Journalism]. Ravensburg: Munzinger-Archiv.

3rd ed. (1995) 1 CD-ROM + Manual. (Prices see below)

The Munzinger-Archiv has been gathering and disseminating political, economic, and social information to the German-language press and libraries since 1913. More an information service than a traditional archive, the Munzinger-Archiv has expanded its loose-leaf services into the realm of electronic information in the last decade. Electronic versions are available online, on CD-ROM, and on disk or magnetic tape compatible with a number of database management and retrieval systems such as BRS and TRIP. There are six Infobases that can be purchased together on one CD-ROM or subscribed to separately:

Site licenses for 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 simultaneous users increase in price by 10% for each level. The CD-ROM version of the Munzinger Archive has many advantages over the print format, such as the ability to search full-text and to print easily. One of the CD-ROM's most attractive and useful features is the hypertext linkage between the various Infobases. The Windows version of the Munzinger CD-ROM is not immediately easy to use, and the Munzinger terminology (e.g., idiosyncratic field names) is not always intuitive. [bh/ldb]

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